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603 Summit: NH GOP Chair Steve Stepanek

Stepanek 603 event

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men”

Well, if the title of the 603 Summit, held last Saturday (yes, a lot of speakers and it is taking a while to get through all the processing and posting – apologies!) was “Liberty trumps Socialism”, why was the head of the NH GOP invited to speak?  I think that the answer is rather self-obvious.

Do you think that Ray Buckley, the Chair of the NH Democrat Party (the party, I remind you, that booed God being in their national Platform statement) is in favor of Liberty?

Do you think Democrats believe that regaining our lost Liberty is directly proportional to decreasing the size of Government?  That reducing taxes allows one more Liberty to decide for themselves how to spend on their own family? Instead of politicians spending it “because you don’t know what is best to be done with your money”? That the local State leader for the Democrats is bucking the national Democrat Party being jerked far to the Left by his Party’s furiously hardcore Socialists?

Yeah, that’s why Steve Stepanek, a Conservative with a track record that should allow him to remake the NH GOP to compete against the NHDP, was asked to speak.  In listening and talking with him, it is clear that Liberty is on his mind and slowing (dare I say reversing?) the diminishment of our Liberties. He agrees that in all cases, Liberty DOES trump Socialism. Here he is laying out, in brief, what his plan is: