603 Summit: Dan Itse - Granite Grok

603 Summit: Dan Itse

Dan Itse is a former long time NH State Representative and recognized as an expert on our Constitutions (both NH and US) (and a Grokster!) and was representing the Madison Project. He concentrates on a new (but well over due and in line with the REINS Act) in talking about The Regulation Freedom Amendment to the US Constitution. It’s purpose is not to yet again limit Government but to reverse the slouching of Congress towards handing all of its Legislative Powers to the Executive Branch of unelected, unaccountable (and mostly un-assailable) bureaucrats. Congress alone is to create Law according to the Constitutions; effectively, because of the passage of the Administrative Act of 1945, regulations passed by said bureaucrats have the force of Law. NH has also codified such a transfer – our Legislators are too lazy to do their proper jobs.

Listen to Dan talk about the background of history and what is to be done now. Learn about the movement led by the Madison Coalition to re-establishing the proper balance of Powers between the Legislative and Executive Branches of Government, The Regulation Freedom Amendment: