603 Summit: "Barbara from Harlem" - Granite Grok

603 Summit: “Barbara from Harlem”

That’s right – the name is “Barbara from Harlem”.  No, I have no idea what her last name is – don’t really care as anyone who has ever heard her talk about what America means to her, the values for which it stands, well, nobody cares what her last name is.  All they REALLY care is that here is a lady that is willing to speak and fight for traditional values, the value and meaning of American Exceptionalism.  And it is clear that the Socialism that is encroaching over the land is something she truly believes is a menace to the Liberty and Freedoms that we enjoy still – the question is “for how much longer”?

She spoke at the first 603 Summit – and I immediately recognized her and a smile washed across my face.  Once you watch her, you will too! A defining phrase for her?

“Love of Country”.

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