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Where did the Liberal “Gun Nuts” Go?

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Left Wing Gun Nuts. Where did they go? Where are they hiding? Why are they so silent? Six years ago…Specifically, March 18, 2013 I posted, “The “Gun Nuts” Liberals Pretend Do Not Exist.” In that Grok article I wrote,

The Champagne Socialist like Bloomberg, Feinstein and other sorts on the left fund visceral hoplophobic attacks on America’s second amendment supporters.  And within that anti-gun clique lives a band of left-wing, “gun nuts.” liberals who own and advocate for the second amendment. The left embraces them and when these “gun nuts” start talking; the left sticks their fingers in their ears and yells, La-la-la-la-la! Oh, How inconvenient…

 I went on to give specific example of contemptable left-wingers who are indeed, contemptible, save for the fact they maintain Pro-second Amendment views akin to mine.

Dateline 2019 and we are engaged in a cultural battle like the nation has never known. The Second Amendment is under assault like never before. So where are these gun-toting lefties now? They are deafeningly silent.

Six years ago, I put forth this theory about how it will all unfold when we get to this…”This,” being 2019 with the strident leftist war on the Second. I said then,

There certainly are nuanced schisms within the many liberals who own, shoot and love guns. And there is a layer of hypocrisy to go with it. While Baum, (referring to Dan Baum of the Atlantic) a liberal with all his fondness and loyal ideologies for the leftist-democratic party, continue to exist nicely in his world, so too does his inner conflict of those two worlds: One where he has his guns, and the other where his brethren who want to ban guns.  In his case, I suspect, when the debate reaches critical mass, Baum will come down off his fence/seat and he will not be aligned with the pro-gun side.  Baum will move to his default Democrats and gladly drink the anti-gun Kool-Aid when they hand him a glassful.

 I fear I was correct. The warm fuzzy fellowship with fellow travelers of the oppressive socialist collective is too powerful for Liberal Gun Nuts to abandon. If these gun-loving lefties depart company on the issue, they will be burned at the stake.

I specifically went back to this article because Lefties are not reliable. Liberal Gun Nuts cannot divorce themselves from the acculturation of left-wing politics. They will throw the second amendment right under the bus. Remember FUDDs. Some will be FUDDs. Not others.

We have seen a strain of Antifa clad Anarcho-hipster-types popping up on news feeds, very heavily armed. Jason Christian, wrote in the New Republic last March, Confessions of a Former Left Wing Gun Nut. Jason writes,

At the height of my zealotry, I was convinced any or all of the above scenarios were not only likely, but imminent. It’s a well-worn fantasy. You surround yourself with fellow believers and read the same rhetoric from the same voices and feel a sense of duty and pride that you are part of an elect. You ignore any evidence to the contrary, and scorn mainstream sources that peddle it. It’s a dangerous example of confirmation bias. Cults operate in a similar way.

The liberal gun nuts are now in hiding. Just not the radical idiots showing up with their skinny jeans and red bandanas.