With Socialism 'New Green Deal' Comes Standard: Venezuela has Massive Power Outages - Granite Grok

With Socialism ‘New Green Deal’ Comes Standard: Venezuela has Massive Power Outages

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Here’s an excellent example of how corruption and incompetence can advance stated progressive policy, even accidentally. Take the environment. Democrat Socialists in America want you to use less electricity. What better way than unplanned nation-wide blackouts?

It’s like Earth Hour. The pretentious Western environmental virtue signaling where dopey leftists sit in the dark for 60-minutes to save the planet. It’s easy to do when you know you can turn them – or anything else you may need – on a whim.

In a well-established Socialist utopia like Venezuela random unpredictable “earth hours” come standard. Often in succession, and without warning.

Much of Venezuela plunged into darkness Thursday evening, creating chaos as people struggled to navigate their way home amid what appeared to be one of the biggest blackouts yet in a country where power failures have become common.

The power outage began just as commuters were leaving work. Hundreds crammed the streets of Caracas, forced to walk because subway service was stopped. A snarl of cars jammed the streets amid confusion generated by blackened stoplights.

Like a proper progressive leader, El Presidenté Nicolas Maduro has blamed the United States.

His information minister, Jorge Rodriguez, said right-wing extremists intent on creating pandemonium by leaving the South American nation without power for several days were behind the blackout, but he offered no proof.

Blame the capitalist pigs, with their shelves full of food, toilet paper, individual rights and liberties. How dare they think these ills would ever appeal to the people of Venezuela?

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido thinks they might and took advantage of his countries unplanned Green New Deal exercise.

“How do you tell a mom who needs to cook, an ill person who depends on a machine, a worker who should be laboring that we are in a powerful country without electricity?”

Tell them they are helping save the planet, silly. 

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