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Despite Dems NH Sets Another Employment Record as More People Find Work

NH Dems Destroy Jobs Godzilla

The Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) just released a report on employment. By their calculation, 71% of new jobs filled are people who were not counted as in the workforce. Folks who were not looking or had given up seeking a job. In New Hampshire, that means another new employment record.

We’ve been setting records for workforce participation and low employment since last year. The fact that this trend continues is a remarkable testament to the strength of our local and national economy. (The one the Democrats are trying to destroy with regulations and higher taxes on job creators.)

The Union Leader reports this morning that,

In New Hampshire, February saw 747,600 employed residents, an increase of 1,220 from January, which then held the record. February’s total also was 8,900 more than in February 2018.

From January to February, the state’s total labor force increased by 1,150 to 765,840. January was the previous record.

This news comes in the shadow of Left-Wing narratives about the fictitious living wage or plans to pay people to do nothing. Programs that pray on people’s weaknesses instead of inviting them to explore and develop their strengths. What CEA Chairman Kevin Hassett calls the war on self-sufficiency.

“In 2018, there was an influx of workers coming off the sideline,” said Burkhauser. “Over the period since the beginning of the Trump administration, 71 percent of people coming into employment are coming from out of the labor force versus coming from unemployment.

Winning the War On Self-Sufficiency

People who were not collecting unemployment benefits are taking jobs. As are people on unemployment. (Federal unemployment is down to 3.8 percent. New Hampshire’s is 2.4 percent.) Many of these jobs are in manufacturing and durable goods industries. Opportunities the Left has been claiming were dead in America without ever saying it was because of them.

[Hassett] pointed to trends in manufacturing and more specifically durable goods manufacturing numbers: “from ’13 to November of 2016, we find that by February of 2019, we’re at 301,000 jobs above trend in durable goods manufacturing, which is steel machinery, computers, autos, which are the heart of blue-collar employment.”

The forgotten job sector resurgent under Trump. Buoyed by evil greedy job creators hoarding new employees and giving them productive lives and rising wages without the government force favored by Democrats.

Not to fear. Democrats are working hard to destroy that, especially here in New Hampshire. They want you dependent on them and the state. Their legislative priorities prove that.

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