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Chicago PD Want’s DOJ to Investigate: Obama’s Meddled in the Smollett Case

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Before Jussie Smollett was indicted for faking a hate crime, Chicago insiders with ties to the Obama’s tried to meddle in the case. The Chicago Police Union has asked the US Department of Justice to investigate this alleged meddling.

Chicago’s police union has demanded a federal investigation into the county’s top prosecutor for allegedly interfering in the Jussie Smollett case after being contacted by Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff.

Tina Tchen is reportedly the top Obama aide and a good friend of Rahm Emanuel’s wife. The former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Obama Chief of Staff. She reached out to County Attorney Kim Foxx who is then alleged to have tried to convince Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson to hand the case to the FBI.

We can only assume that Obama friends in the FBI would shelve it, bury it, or drop it.

After all, who wants a promising young gay black man exposed for committing fraud and wasting Chicago police department resources to get attention? Taking them away from policing and investigating what Whoppie Goldberg might refer to as, you know, Crime-Crime.

They know that somewhere, someone in a MAGA hat isn’t just another victim of left-wing hate.

Back on the Streets of Chicago, The Fraternal Order of Police says Foxx’ personal recusal was inadequate. They believe the entire office should have recused itself handing the case over to a special prosecutor.

Smollett was eventually indicted on 16 counts. Whether Chicago’s ‘justice system’ decides on any punishment tougher than community service remains to be seen.  But if community service is what Smollett needs, Ed Naile’s suggestion might be worse than actual jail time, at least to Smollett.

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