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Thanks, Progressive Democrats – you’re making his words come true

double-standard Don't tell us how to dress

I decided to review the comments that Steve alluded to on the “not a word but just a socially awkward boffin and a topless SJW” 2014 Top post because, well, because I can – it amused me.  And this popped up:

Which didn’t amuse me at all because of what it has become.  No, Joe didn’t last long enough to see it come true but it is slow rolling itself through our culture and then into our politics.  My only conclusion, based on my youth and early adulthood, yeah, pretty much.  The question is – how far undermined have we become from the Progressive / Socialist / Communist influences from within?

  1. Study after study has shown that the younger you are, the less likely you are Patriotic, willing to fight for the country’s defense, or believe that this is an Exceptional country.  They have been taught to be self- and USA haters.
  2. Everything that used to be taboo is now celebrated: drugs, former sexual picadilloes and perversions are lifted up while Normal heterosexuality is not just frowned upon but denigrated.  The structure of the family has been torn apart and that single women with kids born out of wedlock are heroines (and the “men” who can’t keep it in their pants are “playahs” to be emulated) while the traditional nuclear family is summarily dismissed as passe.  Coarse language is the norm and the ideas of hard work, showing up on time, and the like are dismissed as racist. Genders can be anything you like unless you are a white, middle-aged (or older, but you’re just gonna die soon anyways) cis-gendered Christian who gets blamed for all the ills of the country and all of history.  You have an ABSOLUTE RIGHT to everything that everyone else because INCOME INEQUALITY.  Oh, and the Constitution is just too old to be of use anymore.
  3. How DARE you judge me! That Bible is just a fairy tale anyways, only to be quoted by Democrats when they want to advance their political Agenda and never understanding or willing to admit they get the context wrong – it’s only an available political club with which to use against their enemies instead of being the Word of God and a pattern to live one’s life (eg., their current push for Open Borders by using Jesus’s birth but skipping the admonishment to not murder innocent babies in the womb.  While we are still a Christian (and pluralisticly a religious country) nation, the militant atheists and their secular humanist brothers and sisters, even to Obama himself, seek to erase any vestige of the Faith that undergird our Principles and made us the country that millions have and still wish to flock to.

The idea that absolute values exist has been drowned in a sea of moral relativism in that “self-autonomy” (e.g., moral anarchy) says that each of us gets to determine what is right and what is wrong.  Which is to say, no morality at all.

I’ll add a fourth – sending our History down the Memory Hole so that our younger set have no clue why or how our country was born – once based on Principles rather than on demographics or place.  Because of this, E Pluribus Unum is being replaced by “multiculturalism” which has devolved our claim as “The Melting Pot of the Word” to be a microagression.

So, did Stalin win?  Did I miss anything?