Well, it looked like the US House Republicans got Trump's message - they passed a bill - Granite Grok

Well, it looked like the US House Republicans got Trump’s message – they passed a bill

Border Wall

Next to repealing Obamacare, immigration has been a hot topic amongst the conservative base. Trump knew it and campaigned heavily on it: The Wall.  Forget whether you like the idea (I do) or not, it was a campaign promise.  It was for a lot of other Congresscritters as well but even with owning all three branches of the Federal Government, those Republicans got as much done on it as they did repealing Obamacare – which is to say, el zippo.  Promises unkept is the mantra of this Congressional session – and I really don’t think that the the Republican leadership (e.g., Speaker Paul Ryan) cared much about the issue other than to squash it.  You know,  Chamber of Commerce, cheap labor, et al.

So while it seemed that Trump was going to cave on this yesterday and sign a Continuing Resolution and punt the can yet again.  Then the phone lines / Twitter feeds / other social media lit up.  The result is that, as I posted, Trump said “no money, no wall, no sign the bill”.  Immediately, I bet, every single Republican went “oh crap – he means it”.

Minority Senate Leader Chuckie Schumer and the past-her-expiration-date-but-soon-to-be-House-Speaker-again Nancy Pelosi were all abubbly that the Republicans wouldn’t have enough votes to pass a bill in the House.  Heh!

At just a little after 8pm, the news came out, via Congressman Jim Jordon announced on Tucker Carlson that the Republicans had passed a bill containing $5 Billion for The Wall (about freaking time, ya only had 2 years to do it).  So, at least one set grew a set (even if was being scared out of their wits if they didn’t).  Now it remains to be seen if the other set, in the Senate, can get it done.  I’m not hopeful BUT!

IF the Republicans stick together (doubtful – Senator Flake will vote no just to give the Rs and Trump one last kick right where you know where so he’ll have a speaking tour with Democrats), the Democrats will vote no.  Every single one of them – why should they as the election is now over.

Sidenote: The Republicans are rather stupid that way; it would have been a great election issue but you know them: make no waves to lose no seats (and forego making no huge seat gains by motivating the base with “SEE, we fight for you!” either).

Which means that, IF the Republicans play the message game right, they could pin this impending Federal govt on the Democrats. Make them own it – completely with no strings attached.  You know, like Obamacare (oops, the Republicans have done such a great messaging job on that, too). OK, so I keep wishing and hoping about that set of….oh, never mind.

I dunno if I wanna bet the home on that….