Narrative: Tax Breaks Cost Schools Kajillions of Dollars


One of the things the Left is better at than the Right is narrative. This is not because they are smarter or more clever. It’s much simpler than that. The Left lies. They prevaricate. Storytelling is easier when the truth is no barrier. And while real-life stories ripped from the headlines sound more plausible, when the lede is a lie fed to reporters by the Left, you can paint any picture you desire.

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The Democrat Socialist ace in the hole for this scheme is class warfare. Someone somewhere has “blank” or more of it and that isn’t fair. Support us and we’ll take it from them and give it to you or your cause. When that cause is children, even the most suspicious citizen can become an easy mark. Which brings me to this piece in Reuters.

Tax Breaks Cost Schools Kajillions of Dollars

A left-leaning group released a “report” claiming that Corporate tax breaks cost U.S. schools billions of lost revenue. This is like saying laws and policing cost criminals billions. Both are true if your premise is the same. That you are entitled to the ‘revenue.’

The left believes the government is entitled to the revenue. That your tenuous hold on the fruits of your labor is a gift. That their priorities are always more important than your own. This is the textbook definition of slavery. Your prosperity is a by-their-leave arrangement. It could change at any moment. You should be thankful. They could take more.

And they will. They have too. Not because they know better or have better priorities. 

Is Public Education The Worst Value Proposition in History?

No one, in their right mind, would “invest” in public education if it did not have both a monopoly and a connected crime family with law enforcement powers to protect and finance it. The political establishment, with unions, use narrative and children to prop up one of the worst returns on investment in American history. 

Public education costs most than any other variety. All while delivering declining results. Spend more get less. And it is not for the children. We’re spending more on facilities, admininstrators, consultants, experts, even teachers, but not education.


Grinding that ax looks more like partisan bilking than a genuine concern for the political practice of rewarding corporate rent-seekers.

Accountability without the Partisan BS

Good Jobs First – the source of the report – has a mission. Let everyone know how much money corporations legally earned that state and local government let them keep. And don’t be surprised but I’m all for this without the progressive narrative farming.

The issue here is politicians creating laws that allow them to make exceptions. Tax laws that include loopholes. Places where big corporations like Amazon (the focus of the Reuters Report) can lobby for special treatment. It attracts rent-seekers. Empowers politicians to hand out favors. Friends and politically favored industries win. It is one of the roots of crony capitalism.

Too many states and municipalities play this game. New Hampshire recently joined the sad fraternity. Governor Sununu signed SB564 this year. It gave a special tax exemption to New Hampshire’s Elon Musk, Dean Kamen.

While I am concerned that Dean Kamen Inc. has the insider influence to leverage the legislature into giving him debt-free fresh-from college employees and a tax-free ride for the next ten years, I am more concerned that the State Legislature thinks it is actually bright enough to pick winners and losers in something as complex as a free market economy.

Good Jobs is using this issue to play fiddle for the left’s narratives. To see who they can get to dance.

We expect the dance floor to get crowded.

H/T Union Leader

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