One of Life’s Certainties – New Hampshire Democrats Raise Taxes


As Government gets bigger and more inefficient (corrupt), it needs to feed. The ‘food’ is your hard earned dollars, and the delivery method is taxation (fees, charges, etc.). Anyone who recalls the last time Democrats “ran things” around here they deliberately overestimated revenues and then spent them to grow government. When the estimates fell short, as was the intention, they used that excuse to raise taxes. 

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Not far to our west one of the Left’s “tax Mecca’s” is Chicago. It’s high crime rate thanks to oppressive gun-control laws is a template New Hampshire Dems would like to duplicate. The Windy City is also known for its huge, incompetent, corrupt, and expensive government, which will tax anything and everything to feed its insatiable beast. The latest victim is streaming entertainment.

The experts have expanded the meaning of the cities ‘amusement tax’ to include online gaming and gamers are pissed.

Chicago’s existing amusement tax was intended to impose taxes on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. However, the recent expansion covers almost all online media, including “shows, movies or videos…delivered to a patron (i.e., customer) in the City,” “Listening to electronically delivered music,” and “The privilege of participating in games, on-line or otherwise.” Any service that falls under these categories will now have to have the 9 percent tax.

Low Taxes Come From Low Spending

Say it with me. Low taxes come from low spending. The newly minted crop of leftists running the New Hampshire Legislature and Executive Council will spend your money. Lots of it.

The Democrat House will craft a budget loaded with emotional pleas to bloat the bottom line and decry any act or statement that diminishes this “generosity” in any way. Soft-shelled Republicans will go along to get along, and Governor Sununu will put on a show, but the result will be a much larger budget.

Don’t believe me? Look at what the Republican majority tried to pass. Look at how fast the Republican majority spent the revenue surplus from tax cuts.

The booming Granite State Economy has created a unique opportunity. The Left will take the growth they denied existed before the election, embrace it, amplify it beyond any exaggerated Republican candidate’s wildest dreams, add 10% to that, and grow government to grow government. The goal is to be more like Illinois, which is a fiscal basket case. 


Defend Those Who Will Defend You

On the other side, there will be a block of tax-defenders in the House lead by Libertarians and Conservatives. They will do what they can to slow the bleeding. But these folks will need our help. Without them, we will get dragged down the road that leads to the problems they have in places like Chicago. Where adding a 9% tax to everything becomes common but never manages to feed the beast of government because when it comes to the Left, the government can’t do enough, and it can’t spend enough, because there is no enough.

You need to support these folks. Encourage them. And provide air support. Phone calls, letters to the editor, emails, blogs, podcasts, radio, whatever you can manage. The first few months of 2019 will be top-heavy with destructive anti-liberty legislation. The Democrats will try to Cloward-Piven us with so much distraction that we lose sight of the underlying goal. To not just make government bigger but do it in a way that is nearly impossible to undo in future years.

A government so large that adding 9% to everything is just the cost of supporting the “necessary” services provided by the super-state.

Economies don’t boom forever. Smart leaders allow private interests to find the best investments in jobs, employees, opportunities, and technology to ride out downturns in the future. 

But, in the Left’s grow government model the only thing that survives and grows during expected downturns is the government. The only people unaffected are politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists, and lawyers. They will use today to build a firewall for tomorrow at your expense.

It doesn’t have to be that way, but only you can prevent Democrats from taxing.

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