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Women’s “Health Care” Organization Endorses Democrat Man Accused of Hitting a Woman

Pussy hat - womens march

The Left’s hypocrisies are epic no less so with regard to “women’s health.” Forget for the moment the physical and mental problems that result from abortion and consider something much more simple. Planned Parenthood rides its private for-profit business model on the coat tails of the Democrat Party Narrative known as “women’s health.”

It then both endorses and donates money to Democrat Jeff Woodburn the North Country State Senator accused of biting and punching a woman.

Planned Parenthood’s New Hampshire Action Fund endorsed Woodburn. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England put money behind him. And Woodburn declared that he was “proud” to have the abortion organization’s support and to be a “strong advocate for women’s health.”

Maybe I missed it but shouldn’t there be a mob of angry vagina-costumed feminists stalking Woodburn and storming the “doors” of PPNE?

These same pussy-hatted warriors have been uncharacteristically quiet about the silence coming from Democrat women about Mr. Woodburn.  After an initial unified burp from the collectivist’s propaganda ministry, nothing.

It is as if they all agreed on Thursday to say something like “you shouldn’t hit girls,” and maybe you shouldn’t run for office Mr. Man but by Monday nine counts of domestic abuse had become “at this point what difference does it make?”

No Mobs chased Jeff Woodburn out of local North Country Eateries. No prominent Democrats used their political leverage to support the woman who ran a primary write-in campaign against him.

Instead, the local party faithful engaged in an intimidation campaign against the victim.

But it’s not like nobody has noticed.

Woodburn posted a picture on social media of him with girls from the Davenport School. It’s a school for “exceptional” girls located in the town where his alleged victim lives. Woodburn appears to have since removed the picture but we have it.

I wonder why he did that?

Davenport School Woodburn

Was he asked to remove it?

Rumor has it that some North Country parents have suggested that they don’t want Mr. Woodburn participating in student statehouse visits.

I have some advice.

Don’t vote for him. If he’s not in the State House, your kids have zero chance of “bumping” into him.

Here’s some more, and it’s free. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England should not get a free ride on endorsing and donating to a guy who admits to biting and punching a woman.

You can’t claim your actions are in self-defense unless you admit to the actions. He did.

Woodburn hits women.

A woman he outweighs by probably 100 pounds. And the Democrat doyens and elected party leaders, just like Planned Parenthood, are more interested in politics than people.

And they want to run your life.

Just say no.