Woodburn’s Domestic Assault Defense: Win With “Would-He”


As a Democrat State Senator, Jeff Woodburn gets “special” dispensation. That’s when you get permission not to have to follow a rule or not to be bound by a particular code of behavior. In this case, there are two behaviors. The first is that Mr. Woodburn’s victim does not have to be believed. The second is that Jeffy does not have to spend every day defending himself from the accusations of his accuser – no media mob, no protests, no uncomfortable questions from Democrats or reporters, or persistent attacks on his character as everyone around him demands he step aside.

He doesn’t have to deal with any of that.

He is free to run for re-election. No worries, mate!

Jeffy even gets the love and support of locals looking to continue their ride on his “untainted” coat-tails while high ranking party officials and politicians pretend they’ve never heard of him and whoever this woman is who has the gall to speak ill of their “beloved” North Country State Senator (even with self-admitted anger issues).

No one is hunting down his high school yearbook or dialing up WAGs of yore but then, what do they have to gain? The progressive firmament isn’t going to pump their Go-Fund Me accounts with cash nor are there any doey-eyed looks from talking heads filled with the promise of six or seven-figure book deals before the bright light fades.

No paid protesters or pretend concern over calculated “11th-Hour” revelations.

It’s just another round of “Win with Woody.”

One State Senate seat in tiny little New Hampshire that could mean the difference between a Democrat run State government having the desired rubber stamp to ram through every rotten left-wing policy you can imagine and a few that might surprise you.

And there’s the rub.

There is a lot at stake politically. The left can’t let a little thing like meaningless virtue-signaling narratives get in the way.

That is why the Progressive “high priests” who worship the Culture Warrior Pantheon – specifically the Twitter Goddesses #MeToo and #BelieveWomen – have absolved Woody of his alleged “sins” and left his alleged victim out in the cold.

No one need believe her.

Proof on steroids that your special status as a foot-soldier of the left means nothing if you don’t toe the line because not only is Woodburn’s victim a woman she is a Democrat. Someone within the party structure.jeff-woodburn

And it means nothing if it gets in the way of political power.

Not. One. Damn. Thing! She gets no quarter from the so-called party of women.

New Hampshire’s lefty-elite made a passing suggestion that Jeff Woodburn steps aside, but it’s like they coughed the words into their hand then said excuse me as they wiped their palm off on the alleged victim’s shirt sleeve on their way out the door. There there. Be a good girl and run along.

We have seen zero followups from the scions of Lefty-Womens’ Liberation-Land. No high-ranking Democrat is investing themselves in #BeleiveWomen if it costs the Party a State Senate seat.  They’re all happy to “Win with Woody” even if it means tossing a Democrat Woman under the bus.

Democrats, women in particular, take note. You are not special to the party.

“We have to Win with Would-He.”

Would he bash in a dryer and claim it was self-defense? Yes!

Would a guy with self-admitted anger issues go back to get his wallet and when she was afraid to let him back in, kick down the door? Yes!

Would he claim that biting or throwing things at a woman who probably weights one-hundred pounds less than him were acts of self-defense? Yes!

What a D-bag! The D is for Democrat.

I was brought up to never hit a woman. To never harm them. That you do everything in your power, when possible, when necessary, to protect them. Not because they are fragile or helpless or needy or weak but because that is the honorable way to conduct yourself in a civil society. Because you could do harm and the best program for avoiding that is to conduct yourself in whatever way ensures there is no harm.

Self-defense is everyone’s birthright but who among you thinks the accused needed to do any of the things he admits to doing (in self-defense)?

Peopled obsessed with political power, that’s who. But Woodburn could still try to be the man he thinks he should.

“I’ve had a few explosive moments with (redacted) … it’s becoming regular and it scares me” … “Mind is sad and focused on my failure to control my anger”

“It just keeps repeating itself in my brain … 52 years old I need to grow up! I risk so much and hurt people who I should be loving.”

If Woody were a real man, he’d be as ashamed as his so-called diary entries claim.

He’d do the honorable thing. But he doesn’t have to because the so-called party of women and their agitators won’t drive him out. 

Woodburn’s got anger management issues. But modernized, pussy-hat wearing men who take their frustration out on women get a pass from the gate-keepers if they can spout the feminist-worship rhetoric of the left from either one of their two-faces. Preferably both.

I bet that makes a lot of women feel safer with Democrats in control.

Hey, at least he didn’t leave her to drown under a bridge, right?

A party has gotta have standards or they could just call themselves Democrats.