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“North Country Democrats” Choose Politics Over People on Woodburn Assault

We’ve talked about Jeff Woodburn’s domestic assault charges. We have covered the differing responses from the Democrat Party and the faithful. The Public responses.

Behind the scenes, at least up in the North County, the victim is not viewed kindly. Politics, it appears, comes before people and these individuals are not waiting to blame the victim of Jeff Woodburn’s alleged assault if Democrats lose a State Senate Seat.

So, yeah, “people send me stuff” too.

The Democrat party is trying to wish (Woodburn’s victim) away, pretending she doesn’t exist while continuing to support the abuser. … The write-in candidate vs Woodburn wanted (the victim) to step down (from a role in the party) and so does Paul Grenier (the Mayor of Berlin) and other old-school Democrats. They want the abused woman to step down so they can concentrate on protecting the Senate seat!

My informant is disgusted. “It’s sickening even for Democrats.”

To support these remarks I also received some emails between the Democrat mayor of Berlin Paul Grenier, party Vice-Chair Ted Bosen, and some local activist named Elizabeth. Chairman Ray Buckley’s name makes an appearance and everyone but Ted Bosen sounds like they care more about the politics than the victim.

Note: the name of the accused and some recipients have been redacted in the copies I received. I was asked to leave the victims name out, and I have made every effort to preserve her anonymity a best I can given the context of the material provided.

Here we go.

From Berlin NH Mayor Paul Greiner to Elizabeth.

On Aug 21, 2018, at 8:57 PM, Paul Grenier <pgrenier492@gmail.com> wrote

After witnessing tonight’s goings on, I believe the whole room is being manipulated by [the victim]. In all my years of serving in various capacities, I have never ever had seen the need for law enforcement and recording presence in a meeting. I feel it was a way to stifle any opposition to the viewpoint of “innocent until proven guilty”. I beginning to believe Jeff is completely innocent and Bosen’s statement that he could not support Woodburn should he win a primary is enough to remove him from being a party official. I am NOT going to be pushed aside, if anything, I’m really coming out swinging!!! Stay tuned, if you have a weak stomach you won’t like it…PG

Elizabeth Responds

On Tue, Aug 21, 2018 at 9:24 PM, Elizabeth wrote:

Thanks, Paul.
She should not be there. It is not ethical and it was disgusting to me to discuss Jeff’s situation with HIS ACCUSER PRESENT! Not ethical. Not at all.

The “accuser” also known as the victim, was there as part of their duties.

Another email from “Elizabeth.”

Date: August 22, 2018 at 5:44:01 AM EDT
Cc: tlbosen@gmail.com
Subject: Fwd: Tonight’s Coos Meeting


Since Steve Marchand gets all of Ted’s attention, you know, according to the bylaws. ???? Is [the victim] going to canvass for the primary candidates (including Jeff) or just hide behind her (role in the party) and cherrypick? (Asking for a friend)

Be well,


The woman whom Jeff Woodburn is accused of assaulting is clearly a problem for these Democrats. Her claims are belittled as is she, by both the Mayor of Berlin and this activist. Ted’s clearly had enough of both of them.

From: Theodore Bosen <tlbosen@gmail.com>
Date: August 22, 2018 at 8:05:00 AM EDT
To: ” Elizabeth”
Cc: Paul Grenier <pgrenier492@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Tonight’s Coos Meeting

Paul G and Elizabeth,

The NHDP Chairman scolded me for trying to keep the press out of the last meeting and insisted that we inform the press that our meetings were open to them, so we did. We thought it was important to inform you of that so you wouldn’t embarrass yourselves. I assume the guy with the recording device was press. What kept you from asking him?

Buckley (parrotting your own demands from August 10th’s meeting) also insisted that (the victim) either step up or resign, despite the clear language in the Bylaws allowing her to delegate any powers to me, so she stepped up instead of getting pushed out. Direct your complaints to Buckley (or just look in the mirror).

All the early press from Buckley was directed at Woodburn stepping down. How the party didn’t stand for that sort of thing, but here we see him trying to push the victim out of her post because “politics.”

More from the same email.

The cop was there because there have been threats. Probably ginned up by your disgusting vilification of the victim. Shame on you both.

The implication to my ear is that the woman who accused Woodburn of abusing her has been subjected to intimidation tactics. Given the conversation between Elizabeth and the Mayor of Berlin, I would not be surprised if there were more militant objectors to the political threat. A situation they are taking out on the victim of Mr. Woodburns alleged domestic assault of which there was, in case you forgot, nine counts.

More from Ted’s email.

So, under the clear language in the NHDP Constitution and Coos Bylaws, Paul Robataille can make a statement of individual support and so can I. We each did. You clearly have never been to a state party meeting. They even wear their candidates’ paraphernalia at the head table! The Bylaws are explicit about it. That’s why we passed them out for you to consult them.

Bottom line: Jeff won’t survive this election season. Most voters will not vote for him if this is still hanging over his head, and it will still be pending in November. He would have to plead guilty to end the case sooner, and that won’t get him elected for sure.

Your hatred of (the victim) and me has blinded you both from any sense of political reality. Supporting Jeff will hand the district over to Republicans. Try to forget your personal animus for a time and focus on the fact that, in today’s political environment, a suspected domestic abuser can’t win or govern. That’s why he stepped down as minority leader. That’s why he has suspended his campaign. It’s a huge political mistake to say that domestic abuse does not matter.

Jeff’s best hope for his future as a Democrat would be to resign now and deal with this. I hope he does for his sake and all of ours.


Ted’s her only advocate in these communications. I hope she has more because the Woodburn abuse scandal has clearly sewn a good bit of division among Democrats in the North Country. And the New Hampshire Democrat political war machine’s only interest in the victim is how her reported abuse affects their political futures.

Consider that the next time someone on the left warms up the old #MeToo hashtag.

Jeff Woodburn is accused of domestic abuse. He refuses to step down and is running for re-election.

It’s not just Jeffy. The party machine wants to keep the State Senate seat because “political power.”

I’ve been telling you all along that the modern Democrat party doesn’t care about anyone if they can’t advance their political goals.

Here’s more proof.

And no, not every Democrat is on board with that.