Uh-oh! Did somebody forget to pay their domain registration bill? - Granite Grok

Uh-oh! Did somebody forget to pay their domain registration bill?

BUMPED from 6/6/2012.  Moron. Better stuff coming back in a while – VOTE Bill Kuch!

Somebody wasn’t paying attention to details, were they?  It does happen – and it more often than some folks will admit to.  However, this is not what I expected to see when I went over to David Boutin’s NH Senate campaign site:

And yes, there are some things that were promised and the stark truth of votes taken.  Right, Left, or somewhere in Squishland, all politicians have a record and it isn’t just other politicians that look at those records.

Good thing that the NH State Senate didn’t pass Section 12 in HB 1704 (12 New Section; Reports of Spending on Information Critical of General Court Members“, otherwise known as being part of the Incumbent Protection Bill), eh?  Or is that a “DARN!!!!” (or stronger)?

And there are a few items there: (click here to go to the site):

Major area that the site speaks to:

  • Defend the 2nd Amendment
  • Defend Family Values
  • Defender of Personal liberties
  • Fiscal Conservative – Proven Republican Tax-fighter

And at the bottom of the page, a message is sent:

Guess somebody in his District isn’t exactly enamored of what he has done this past term.  In the same vein of the Revolutionary War pamphleteers, it seems to be anonymous (not that I’ve wanted to track down the domain stuff – have other things to do tonite).

It may be the first but it won’t be last, I bet….