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Terry Wolf Says She’s a ‘conservative’ But Her Record Says She’s Something Else

by Dan Hynes – Republican Candidate NN State Senate Dist. 9

My Republican opponent in the Nh State Senate Dist. 9 primary says she is “conservative” who supports limited government and that she is proud of her commitment to cutting taxes, protecting our rights, and keeping New Hampshire free.”

Her American Conservative Union score: 61%
New Hampshire Liberty Alliance: C
House Republican Alliance: 63%
Americans for prosperity: D
NH Firearms Coalition: D

Here are a few of the ways she voted to “limit” your government:

HB 249 Voted against repealing the unconstitutional ballot selfie law
HB 1749 Voted against prohibiting towns from banning/regulating guns
HB 1542 Voted against allowing people to lawfully carry a firearm on exterior grounds of NH funded colleges
HB 1514 Voted to allow shelter in place orders
HB 1344 Opposed right to know law for collective bargaining issues
HB 1763 Voted to increase car registration fees
SB 313 Voted for Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion

HB 128 Voted against allowing you to buy health insurance from out of state
HB 1570 Voted against repealing the unconstitutional abortion buffer zone law
HB 1625 Voted against banning late-term abortions

Not much there can be called ‘conservative. Not even with  small ‘c.’

One more point. Her website suggests that she supports free speech while she is actively deleting posts on her official Terry wolf for Senate Facebook Page.

Tomorrow is Primary Day in New Hampshire Please Vote Dan Hynes in District 9.


Dan Hynes is a Republican candidate in the NH State Senate Dist 9 Primary.