Net Neutrality - Because 'They' Want To Bring It Back! - Granite Grok

Net Neutrality – Because ‘They’ Want To Bring It Back!

When the Trump administration encouraged the FCC to pull the plug on a Government regulated internet, they did just that. They got the government out of your “digital bedroom.” The usual suspects were outraged. But you don’t want the government regulating the internet like a utility. Not under any condition. And that includes crafting new regulations to control how entities like Google or Facebook or Twitter behave in the free market.

Let the marketplace work it out because it will.

Which brings us to at least one of what could be many ironies with regard to Net Neutrality. Jon Gabriel, editor and chief of Ricochet. com reminds us, “The only companies that have been censoring content are the ones that want Net Neutrality.”

Companies with an ideological kinship to the administration that gave them Net Neutrality when they asked for it. And they asked.

Net Neutrality is little more than a sop to the Tech giants who had been supporting a Democrat Administration and its Political Party’s priorities, one of which was limiting political speech it opposed.

Lois Lerner was the head of Obama’s bandwidth regulating IRS scheme. Slowing down, stopping, or to use a tech term, shadow banning political speech they all opposed leading up to Mr. Obama’s 2012 re-election.

The very same thing they all said would happen to your internet if we didn’t let the same government, encouraged by speech-banning tech giants, to regulate the internet.

No monopoly ever wants to encourage competition, whether it is a government inclined to use force to get its way or a tech giant filtering content it to limit the potential impact of its message. So, as citizens, we need to protect the things that protect us from monopolies.

In the case of government, we want clean elections. With the internet, we need to protect free market capitalism.

Net Neutrality tips the scales in favor of existing monopolies. Without Net Neutrality start-ups have a better chance and being disruptors and taking on the tech giants.

We want the latter.