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Why Wasn’t Feinstein Spied On When the FBI Discovered her Driver was a Chinese Mole

A few years ago the FBI notified a ranking US Senator on the Intelligence committee that her long-time Chinses driver was, in fact, a spy. The individual was fired though we’ve no idea how many sensitive conversations they shared over those many years.

I bring this up because that’s what the FBI does, or did until they discovered ‘Carter Page’ a man accused of having ties to the Kremlin when he was in the orbit of the Trump campaign.

The FBI claims Page was a suspected spy but instead of notifying the Trump team and having him removed from a position where he might come in contact with sensitive information (as they did with Democrat Senator Feinstein) the FBI presented a suspect dossier as evidence for a FISA warrant so they could spy on a Presidential political campaign.

Notice the difference?

“Providing a defensive briefing, like the one given to Senator Feinstein, is a typical response to these kinds of situations,” Nunes said in a statement to Fox News. “The refusal to give the Trump campaign a defensive briefing, and instead opening a sprawling counter-intelligence investigation of American citizens, is one of many alarming ways that intelligence leaders drastically diverged from normal procedures in their Trump campaign investigation.”

If Page was or is a spy, and after more than two years they still have no proof, why did the FBI begin a secret multi-level intelligence gathering operation that involved not just spying on American citizens but spying on the political campaign of a political opponent in the run-up to a Presidential election?

The only actual evidence we have that can be called credible after all this time is that the FBI asked for permission to spy on Americans based on unverified claims purchased by Hillary Clinton and the DNC from people with actual ties to the Kremlin through Christopher Steele.

If Hillary wasn’t colluding to get dirt on Trump by paying for it why is Trump colluding when he has yet to be found to have actually done anything with any Russian outside the purview of his office?

He’s not a Democrat.

Why does a Democrat US Senator get treated differently? She had a spy driving her around for years. He was fired and shown the door. Carter page was with Trump for a few months, and the FBI opens a domestic spying operation based on uncredible claims paid for by Democrats and Trump’s political opponent.

She is a Democrat.

That’s not going to change. Do you understand that this set of rules never changes if someone isn’t prepared to address it, and to date, the only people interested in that are Donald Trump and a handful of supporters in Congress?

If Democrats win the US House this November they’ll flush any effort to find the truth down a hole and try to bring down Trump. And it’s not just Democrats. RINO’s like John McCain up to their eyeballs in this too.

He may not be your ideal president, but Trump needs more time to clean up the swamp. He can’t do that with Democrats running Congress. And there is just too much nonsense going on here for us to allow it to go unchallenged.

H/T Dan Bongino