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NH Republicans Decide The Hill to Die on is Letting Men Use the Ladies Room

Chris SununuWhy are the illuminated Establishment political lights in the NHGOP and GOP, several of whom should know better, pitching a cultural Marxist progressive issues “tent” in front of legislators and elected Republican Delegates when the electorate is more interested in expanding jobs, protecting tax reform, economic growth, and national security issues with a local impact like the opioid crisis?

Whose bright idea was that?

What possible turn-out advantage is there for Republicans in November by bringing up marriage, which Democrats were not talking about before Republicans threw it into the headlines? None.

Why are Republicans pushing Democrat priorities like blurring sex-safe spaces that put women’s safety at risk? What possible electoral advantage do Republicans gain by letting men use women’s bathrooms? None.

Anyone paying any attention who isn’t on the wrong side of a special interest or political payroll should be asking why the Log Cabin Republican agenda, one that creates rifts in the party and puts them on display in a mid-term election year is even on the table?

Political suicide?

The Log Cabin Republicans (and I’d bet money there are more than a few Never-Trumpers in there) are a DC Special interest whose purpose appears to be to get the GOP to implode so that Democrats can raise taxes, ban guns, help illegal immigrant drug gangs with open borders, push more cultural Marxism, bail out the deep state, and punish citizens for their speech.

Up here in New Hampshire, their water carriers have made it their mission to advance Democrat priorities within the GOP to see how much damage they can do come November. The end result is a reality television-esque serial drama that looks like a high-profile divorce.

Stupid party, indeed.

We should be defending tax cuts and exposing Democrats who’ve promised to raise taxes on families and job creators. But we can’t talk about that when all the noise is about how Jennifer Horn wasn’t allowed to push cultural Marxism at the NHGOP convention.

There ought to be non-stop discussion of the relationship between border security, illegal immigrant gangs, and the opioid crisis in New Hampshire, and how Democrat policies – including coddling sanctuary cities across the border in Massachusetts – made the problem and will make it worse. Instead, we’re talking about letting men use the ladies room so we can tease a fraction of a fraction of the population with rights they already have to push a lousy bill that will create more problems than it claims to solve.

Meanwhile, I’ve been talking about Democrats repealing tax reform, and rolling back business tax cuts. I’ve been talking about the relationship between border security and the opioid epidemic. We’ve been backing up ‘Republican” bread and butter issues and providing links and context to support a solid Republican narrative with real-world benefits on issues that matter to ‘Republicans,’ the state, and the nation. Issues that Republicans and Trump voters would support by coming out to the polls to vote Republican.

I’ll keep doing that, but I didn’t ask for a conversation about marriage or men in ladies locker rooms in 2018. The enlightened Republican insiders made that a priority. They decided we’d have a public “debate” and arm the left with plenty of ammunition to dominate the news cycle over issues most voters were not paying any attention too instead of economic and security issues in which they are interested.

Republicans did that. As a Republican, I’m here to tell you this is all on you.

I say that because I get a lot of crap for my fidelity to conservative principles before “The Party.” But I’m only in the party because they claim they’ll support those issues. What use do I have for them if they don’t or won’t? None.

And when I don’t bow down the same entrenched establishement losers who think it’s more important in a fragile mid-term election season to have a fight over letting men pee next to our wives and daughters give me grief.

To be honest, I’m not sure if they are that disconnected from reality, deliberately destructive, or just stupid. Not that the base will act any differently if it is one or two or all three.

They will bring the pain because their devotion is to principles before party because the party (regardless of the name), as “hinted at” here, is no less dangerous a mechanism for tyranny than the government they propose to rule. And while we can’t do much to fix the Democrat party, we can and will try to fix Republicans playing at being Democrats. Especially when they beg us.

So, after Gov. Sununu signs HB1319, which we hear he has promised the local actors for the DC special interest that he intends to do, don’t be surprised when the Republican base and NH Trump voters (most of whom are probably independents) tell Republicans up and down the ticket to go to hell.

Don’t be surprised because you asked, were warned that this would happen, and you ignored the warnings anyway.