NH Democrat Speeds Over Family of Ducks in His BMW

Photo credit: E. Sandblade
Photo credit: E. Sandblade

New Hampshire Democrat David Campbell sped over a family of ducks with his BMW, crushing a number of them.  Before we cater to his litany of excuses consider this.

When proposing an 83% increase in the state gas tax last year he insisted that we needed the money for roads and bridges but later confided that this gas tax would provide a bounty of revenue for ‘other purposes.

Conclusion: Scare people with spin about crumbling infrastructure to pick their pockets.

The spread sheet of estimated revenue from the increase double counted the previous increase in future years adding a million dollars in estimated revenue that did not exist.

Conclusion: Lie about the revenue to make the tax look like a BIG winner. (Democrats lying about revenue is not new.)

Drive your one-percenter Ultimate Driving Machine (BMW) over a family of ducks eating crackers in Hotel parking lot, act like it’s no big deal. (I’m sure he was racing to do the people’s business just like Martha Fuller Clark was when she mowed down that pedestrian.)

Conclusion: Campbell is a self-important p****!

David ‘Duck Slayer’ Campbell does have one thing on his side.  He is not a Republican.  No one will ask if he was drinking (they never tested Fuller-Clark either.)  No one will demand he resign (Democrats demand Republicans resign over everything—and they often do).  But he should expect to spend the next session finding rubber ducks and or duck related items appearing wherever he is supposed to be.

Prediction: Campbell will being a renewed push for his gas tax increase, which had money in it for fish and game.  You see, it’s not his fault those ducks are dead, it’s yours.  If you’d just supported his 83% gas tax hike, those ducks might still be alive today.  No, don’t ask how?  That would be your prejudice and extremism talking.

Conclusion: Being a Democrat means never having to mean it if you even bother to say you are sorry. (Just ask NH Democrat Peter Sullivan)