Follow up: NH Senator Fuller-Clark plows down a Sr. Citizen

Martha Fuller Clark had four out of state voters registered from her Portsmouth NH HomeThat would be “Martha Fuller-Clark of Martha’s Motel – hits somebody with a car and….what happens? Police response is seemingly….mere deference?” – a riff off the news that the NH State Senator “blacked out” and mowed down a walker.  Turns out it was a 67 year old Mom wearing a reflective vest while legally walking on the sidewalk with her daughter.  My main beef was “doesn’t matter who the Who was, why did the police do nothing“? In today’s SeacoastOnline, an update (emphasis mine, reformatted):

PORTSMOUTH — State Sen. Martha Fuller Clark hasn’t gotten behind the wheel of a car since driving into a pedestrian Friday night and doesn’t plan to do so until she’s medically cleared, said her lawyer, Wilfred “Jack” Sanders.  Fuller Clark, D-Portsmouth, gave police two different explanations for two crashes she was involved in during the past two months, police said on Monday.

The 71-year-old Portsmouth resident told police she “blacked out” before driving over a curb Friday night and hitting Carla Dow, of Maine, who was walking on a sidewalk, said Capt. Frank Warchol. On Sept. 8, Fuller-Clark told police she drove onto a Route 33 median strip and knocked over a street sign because the area was “not well lit,” Warchol said.

Not well lit,” – were those “intent”ionally vote stealing OFA operatives living with her also “not well lit” to the point of her not seeing what they were doing as well?  Why WOULDN’T the police go for this dodge?  Certainly, the NH Attorney General’s office seems to be a few lite bulbs short, too, to not see the VoterFraud (and certainly since some of their own officemates were doing the same thing!). 

Sanders said that before Friday night’s crash, Fuller Clark had driven 240 miles, to and from Bretton Woods, which is “an awful lot of driving.”  “After six hours of driving, for reasons that are not clear now, she had the accident,” he said. “She deeply regrets that and she and her family feel really badly for Carla Dow.”  Sanders said Fuller Clark has not contacted Dow because she was instructed by police not to communicate with her. He added that earlier last week, Fuller Clark flew to California for a wedding and she took a “red eye” overnight flight back home.

So if I strain myself with activities, can I use that as a “get out of jail free” card as well?  After all, Dems are all about court precedents in shoring up their “settled law” claims – can’t I?  Can’t we all – that we didn’t have the “intent” to bad things and just blame it on history (Yes, I too can become of victim of myself).

“It could be a confluence of events,” he said. “She does not plan on driving until after a medical examination. That’s the plan.”

Well, that should be a relief to the Portsmouth pedestrians and street signs alike!

The senator attended a meeting at City Hall on Monday morning, when she was dropped off by one person and driven home by another.  Warchol said Friday night’s crash remains under investigation, but at this point, it appears no criminal charges will be filed. Police said there is no indication that Fuller Clark was driving while impaired.

To quote another well known Democrat Senator: “Really?  Are you serious?  Are you serious?” (think DC but not as kindly looking, to be perfectly kind).

Warchol added that there’s “always the possibility of looking at other avenues,” including an administrative review of Fuller Clark’s license to drive.  “At this point we can’t say definitively,” he said.

So, what WOULD it take, Captain Warchol?  So often we see Democrats screaming for laws that demand the implementation of the Precautionary Principle.  After all, a little while ago, we hear yet another (former) Democrat Senator: “If it only saves one life!”  C’mon Captain: first a street sign and now a pedestrian?  What’s the next step up that line that you are willing to endure?  After all, you are now on record and she’s on your watch.  What are you willing to let happen before treating her like you would me?

Meanwhile, from the lady made Democrat victim:

Dow, 67, of Kittery Point, told the Herald on Sunday that she thinks Fuller Clark should no longer be allowed to drive.  “I think it’s negligent to drive … when you know there’s something wrong with you,” she said. Dow said she was walking with her daughter, Laura Dow, on a Maplewood Avenue sidewalk at about 8:30 p.m. Friday when Fuller Clark’s Audi struck her in the back of her legs, knocking her to the ground. She said she was wearing a reflective vest at the time.

“I just found myself on the sidewalk,” Dow said. “I just remember hurting, being on the cement sidewalk and I hurt.”  Dow said she was still on the ground when Fuller Clark told her, “I hit you. I’m sorry, I didn’t see you.”

HOW do you not see someone in a reflective vest?  Didn’t Dow have the right of way while on the sidewalk to boot?

“After she said ‘I didn’t see you,’ the police said, ‘you can’t talk to each other,’” Dow said.  Dow spent Friday night in Portsmouth Regional Hospital and was released Saturday morning. She suffered two black eyes, “a lot of bruises” and a cut forehead.  “I just feel beat up. I have no energy,” she said Sunday.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out:

Dow also said she hopes the state senator’s health insurance will pay for her hospital care.  “I didn’t do anything wrong,” she said. “My insurance isn’t that great. I’m on Medicare and it’s not going to pay for all of it.”

Democrats are always kvetching that they are the compassionate party, that they are the champions of the poor, those that have been made victims by society.  Dow certainly seems to fit that picture – will  Fuller-Clark walk the talk?  It would certainly seem that the “Right thing to do” would have MFC make Dow whole.