Has Peter Sullivan Apologized To Marilinda Garcia Yet?

Role Models

Has Democrat Peter Sullivan apologized to Marilinda Garcia yet?  Have the women (and men) in the New Hampshire Democrat party denounced Peter Sullivan yet for his sexist and objectifying remarks?

I don’t think they have.  And that is ironic considering this from the national Democrat Mother-ship…

Tell Republicans: Stop enabling Rhetoric that condones Sexual harassment.

They’ve got a page and some words, and you can sign up and they’ll data collect you, ask for money, spam you…and wait- Words.

I can work with words.  Here are the DNC’s words with a few of my edits… approaching something closer to reality.

Tell NH Democrats: Stop enabling Rhetoric that condones Sexual harassment.

Peter Sullivan’s comments objectifying women are over the line. Both Democrats and Republicans should be able to agree that we all must act to stop this kind of language from becoming commonplace.

Stand up Democrats, and tell the NH Democrat Party to stop enabling NH House Rep Peter Sullivan  and others whose rhetoric encourages sexual harassment:

Next month Democrats are going to ask other Democrats to stop supporting (see also worshiping) or condoning actual sexual harassment as well, like the kind engaged in by President Bill Clinton, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, Anthony ‘Carlos Danger’ Wiener, and many, many others.  They may even object to rape, men who solicit prostitutes, infidelity, I’m kidding.  That will never happen.

Meanwhile…I still don’t think Peter Sullivan has apologized for his harassing remarks.

H/T Daily Caller