Democrats Always Lie About Taxes and Spending

by Steve MacDonald

Democrats lie about taxes, spending, and caring about the middle class, and two opportunities to prove that have recently NH Democrats fleece taxpayers againpresented themselves.

First, Nashua Democrat David Campbell, from whose progressive womb sprang the 15 cent per gallon gas tax, recently remarked in an email to Democrat party leadership that the Democrat gas tax was…

…”the gift that keeps on giving”

“As my father used to say, ‘Don’t spend it all in one place!” Rep. David Campbell, D-Nashua, chairman of the House Public Works and Highways Committee, wrote on Friday in explaining that his gas tax hike bill will generate “bonus monies” for purposes not directly associated with highways, roads and bridges.

Not directly associated is right.

The gas tax will screw you, your family, your small business, and the entire  state economy out of millions more annually once fully implemented, money that will not go to wages, jobs, or anything but the Democrats government-first addiction.

When his proposed four-step gas tax hike is fully phased in, Campbell wrote, it will generate $1.25 million annually for the Fish and Game Department, $658,000 annually for the general fund and $593,000 annually for the Department of Resources and Economic Development’s Bureau of Trails.

Democrats will say “it’s just a few bucks a week.”  Sure.  Every week.  Week after week. For every vehicle you own.  And for every vehicle that carries goods and services–added to the cost of those goods and services–which you will also pay in increased prices, or potentially lower wages, or fewer jobs.

Those millions for Fish And Game and “other departments” have to come from some where before state government wastes them on “purposes not directly associated with highways and bridges.”

Democrats don’t care where, they are just happy about the bonus money.  Millions more every year than they need for the stated purpose of the tax they claim they are voting on.   Happy!

Happy to steal your money from you for whatever they want.

The second example relates to a Union Leader non-scientific poll whose results just happened to be sidled up next to John DiStaso’s Granite Status column describing how the Democrats were happy about soaking the middle class under the cover of their infrastructure desperation narrative. UL Poll Gambling money

The poll asked “How would you use 80 million in new revenue from casino gambling?”

Fifty percent of respondents said, lowering taxes and fees.

Hello?  McFly?  Don’t you listen?  Democrats need more money because they’ve already spent it and 80 million isn’t even the tip of one nipple on the Democrats big fat spending sow.

The party that is giddy over robbing you of an extra 2.5 few million “for other purposes”on top of the millions for which the tax was created, have an endless list of ideas about how to spend your money.  Just two years ago they had willfully spent 800 million more than they had after raising around 100 other taxes and fees–some of which crammed costs and actually raised taxes on towns and cities.  And That still wasn’t enough.

There is no limit.  New Hampshire Democrats could spend a cool billion without blinking and plan to spend more and you’d never see one dime of tax relief.  Not one.  Nor will you ever.

So wake up.  (I SAID WAKE UP!!!)

The gas tax is just another way to deprive you of your hard earned wages for their laundry list and the only thing Gambling taxes or fees will ever do–no matter how much or how little it might be (if any at all)–is allow Democrats to spend that and more, and more, and more.

No amount of your money will ever be enough because it’s not their money.

It’s yours.

It’s what they do.  it’s all they do.



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  • Instead of taxing gas lets tax. Bicyclist spandex, and those European style Jerseys, Tax Amtrack, Tax NPR, Tax Toyota Priuses, Tax peace coexist bumper sticker.

    • Tim from Nashua

      Excellent! May we include taxes on condoms and abortion? Let the Lefist heads start exploding!

  • C. dog e. doG

    Hey Steve –
    Where might inquiring minds go to unearth how the current gas tax dollars are spent? Do you, fellow Groksters, or F.o.G.’s know where to look to find such goodies? Rumor has it that it ain’t just roads and bridges. My darkest suspicion is that some of the proceeds subsidize the Grate Lilac Lady as she waddles to and fro, planting purple-flowered shrubbery where’er she goes.
    – C. dog

  • Scott Morales

    Yep, we’re heading for $5/gln+ soon. And like you pointed out Steve, that cost gets passed on to everything that’s transported via the road. Which is everything.

  • Scott Morales

    From the bill: “The Department states any remaining
    (“unrefunded”) balance is allocated in the following fiscal year between
    the state general fund, the Department of Resources and Economic
    Development (DRED) and the Fish and Game (F&G)… “,

    even if they collect more than they anticipate, and they are anticipating they will, they’ll keep it for other scheisse. They just keep taking. Dred indeed.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Well, if I were a Real Republican™, the first thing I would do is dispel the delusion that New Hamster’s gas tax is a pure user-fee tax. The more one digs into the murk, the less user-fee friendly it becomes. Seems DRED, Fish & Game, and of course the General Fund gets themselves a helpin’ heapin’ pile of Windfall Profits Tax. I seems to recall democratics being against that sorta outlandish profiteering on the backs of middle Americans. Oh well, whatever it takes to fill the Grate State coffers so Massa Campbell can redistribute as he sees fit: a dollop here for this road, a dole-out there for a new Fish & Game off-road toy, and a big ol’ glop for DRED to prove once again how ineffectual their gestures to drum up the State’s bi’ness.

      Why, if I didn’t know better, it would appear the Republicrats are conspiring with the Demublicans to stick it to the ordinary folk for whom they ostensibly represent. Yup, we need more taxes to fead the Beast before it feeds on us. Wonder how much the next shakedown will cost?
      – C. dog senses an opportunity for distilled black-market gold.

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  • Don

    Democrats keep slamming the middle class with tax hikes and their supporters still claim with conviction that the Democrats want to lower taxes on the middle class. And no amount of evidence to the contrary will convince them otherwise… Perhaps liberalism is indeed a mental illness.

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