Beware New Hampshire House Committees Bearing Revenue Estimates

NH Democrats fleece taxpayers againBeware Democrat Majority New Hampshire House Committees Bearing Revenue Estimates.

The Union Leader headline says it all; “Committee ups revenue estimates as budget talks start”

The House Ways and Means Committee Tuesday upped its revenue estimate for the next two fiscal years before House and Senate budget writers sit down Friday to begin negotiations over the state’s two-year spending plan.

The Committee estimates are $49.2 million more than the Senate’s with sizable increases in business, meals and rooms and real estate transfer taxes.

The additional money could help House budget negotiators in arguing against the Senate’s $50 million across-the-board cut in compensation and benefits that could result in an estimated 700 layoffs.

For those with short memories, the previous Democrat majority House made it a habit to overestimate revenues so that they could spend without any regard for what actual revenue might be.  To quote Democrat Marjorie Smith…Look to the sky when you do revenue estimates because we need the money.

I’m sure that’s how you run your household as well.  Forget the reality of what you will actually earn.  Just guess that you’ll make a lot more because you need the money.  Of course when Democrat legislators do it, they then have to come after your money to make up the difference.  That’s how New Hampshire Democrats run things.  Spend so that you have to tax.

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