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A New Kind Of Vicious

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”   —Sir Edmund Burke

D'Marquis Elkins - Brunswick Georgia Baby Killer
D’Marquis Elkins – Brunswick Georgia Baby Killer

This is 17-year old D’Marquis Elkins of Brunswick, Georgia. Elkins is a criminal…a young criminal…not even eighteen years old yet. In early March Elkins needed some cash so he decided to do what his skill set allows…a Robbery.

Sherry West was pushing her stroller along when she was confronted by Elkins and 15-year-old Dominique Lang. Elkins demanded money. West told him, she didn’t have any money. He fired a shot, grazing her ear. Repeating his demands, West again pleaded with him that she didn’t have any money.

Elkins then shot West’s 13-month-old son Antonio Santiago in the face killing him instantly. The baby was strapped into a stroller. When West screamed, Elkins shot her in the leg and neck.

D’Marquis Elkins used a stolen handgun in this especially vicious crime. He did not use an, “assault weapon.”

Elkins was not home-schooled, nor did he attend Christian School. Obviously, he never learned the ten commandments. Elkins is a net product of failed and broken public schools, failed and broken advocacy of liberal anti-family policies. He is a member of a gang.

D’Marquis Elkins was taught from a very early age that ‘White Man’ owes him something. Elkins speaks ‘Ebonics’ and is incapable of getting through a professional interview. He has no skill sets outside of crime and being without a job, he is remarkably well-fed and smokes weed.

Antonio Santiago
13-Month-Old Antonio Santiago, Son of Sherry West, fatally Shot in the face by D’Marquis Elkins

Glynn County police detective, Roderic Nohilly told the judge during his bail hearing, Elkins has several tattoos – a teardrop by his right eye, his mother’s name on his right arm, a skull on his abdomen and the words “Thug Life” across his chest. Thug life, Indeed.

Elkins ‘momma’ subsisted on Welfare and Food Stamps and lived in taxpayer-funded Public Housing. His daddy was never around and his two brothers have different daddies.  Elkins himself at seventeen has a ‘baby-momma,’ but Elkins has no plans for marriage nor does he support the child he helped create.

Elkins ‘momma, grandmom and auntie all voted for Obama.

While D’Marquis Elkins respects little else in life, He does respect Kanye West.

And about that gun? Elkins was never a member of the National Rifle Association. He was never instructed by either his father or grandfather in the proper, safe and ethic use and handling of firearms. He never earned a Hunter Education card, nor has he ever participated in Junior NRA or a 4H Air rifle match. 

Kevin Gough, Elkin’s defense attorney cries from the rooftops that D’Marquis Elkins is INNOCENT!

And for all the liberal-progressive social policy foisted up our society, we now bear witness to this horrendous feat of evil.  Yet we continue to elect people to office who continue to bring forth silly or insane unworkable laws and policies that serve only to breed and proliferate a criminal and violent underclass that will only continue to undermine the very fabric of our society. Right now it only looks like Swiss Cheese.

Sleep well, my fellow Americans..for it is your tax dollars funding a corrupt and broken system that perpetuates a system that allows for criminals like this to move about our streets and neighborhoods. This…brought to you by the very same people who seek the total disarmament of law-abiding citizens…to eliminate your ability to protect you and your families from the D’Marquis Elkins’ of the world.