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Crooked Attorney Theroux To Be Next State President of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Ladies Auxiliary

“To sin by silence, when they should protest, makes cowards of men.”    Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Ladies_AUX_VFW_NEWOn June 9, “Retired” attorney Linda Theroux will be installed as the State President of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Ladies Auxiliary.  Established 1914, The  Ladies Auxiliary to the VFW set out to serve the American veterans and communities in honor of the sacrifices and commitment of every man and woman who has served in uniform. “We have unwavering support for uncommon heroes,” say Ladies Auxiliary to the VFW national website.

Yet, for this organization’s mission of honor, they now seek to install a person as its State President who purposely set out to destroy one of the very people  this organization might otherwise honor: Jeffrey Ruggiero. Back in August of 2011, Linda Theroux, was brought before the State Attorney Discipline Office charging that Theroux altered a military release form, thereby violating state ethics rules. Theroux stood accused of misconduct during the course of her representation, a clear demonstration of an integrity deficit. Now Theroux stands poised to lead an organization in the Granite State that “honors veterans.”

If the very act of such moral  bankruptcy by Theroux isn’t distasteful enough, what is even more distasteful is that the person whom she sought to harm with the altered release form was Jeffrey Ruggiero, an active duty Coast Guard Petty Officer. Clearly, one of the very people who falls under that umbrella of honor the Ladies auxiliary holds.

In August of 2011 I wrote that Attorney James Kruse for the Discipline Office charges that Theroux altered a Military Records release given her by Jeffrey Ruggiero. After receiving the release Theroux’s alteration expanded the scope of inquiry in adding that Ruggiero assented to disclosing his “entire military file” notwithstanding documents classified as ‘Secret’ or ‘Top Secret’ or for National Defense Purposes,” Theroux never subsequently submitted the records release for judicial review by the family court, Kruse’s complaint further charges.

The story began during the divorce between Kristin Ruggiero and her estranged husband and Coast Guardsman Jeff Ruggiero. Kristin spun and weaved an expansive high-tech patch of lies and falsehoods, accusing her Jeffrey of stalking her, which ultimately landed him in Jail. That is where the tale would end, with Jeff in Jail and Kristin moving on to poison the life of another, had not East Kingston Police Chief Reid Simpson give the case a second look.  From that point the whole nasty tale unraveled, ultimately landing Kristin a lengthy Prison sentence.  In the midst of all of this was Linda Theroux, Kristin’s divorce lawyer turned personal advocate and activist.

To this day it is amazing that  Linda Theroux did not face federal charges for altering the document. Having come from a family that has been deeply touched and affected by every single war, conflict or police action this nation has engaged since World War I, family members who are current and active members of the Ladies Auxiliary are giving strong consideration to withdrawing their memberships for the time Linda Theroux holds the seat.

As a Marine Corps Veteran, I cannot begin to convey my disgust for her election to the post. The only explanation I can find for it is that many who voted simply knew nothing of Theroux’s dirty dealings.

Readers, If you or your family members are Auxiliary members, please do make your voiced heard that Linda Theroux is not only unfit to be state President, but unfit to represent the organization on any level.