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A Dirty Ex-Cop and a Mope

Power does not corrupt men; fools, however, if they get into a position of power, corrupt power.   George Bernard Shaw

Brendan_Bisbee_Dirty_Ex_Cop_Mope2Kristin Ruggiero engaged in a series of lies and falsehoods with the specific intent to destroy her estranged husband Jeffrey Ruggiero. For a time it seemed that Kristin was “teflon”…Nothing seemed earthly possible that would oppose her web of deceit. Kristin was smart…tech savvy…and convincing.  So compelling in fact, that she was able to curry multiple domestic violence and stalking protection orders in multiple states.

But the point finally came when the whole ruse unraveled. Kristin was caught. And in her web of deceit, she brought down three others. First, was her boyfriend Brendan Bisbee, a former Barre Massachusetts Police Officer.  He was indicted for perjury, convicted and sent to Prison. Second, came Kristin’s mother, Elizabeth “Kim” McDonald who recently avoided prison by assenting to a plea agreement.

While in Prison, Bisbee filed an appeal to the New Hampshire Supreme Court to have his conviction set aside asserting he was unfairly prejudiced by County Prosecutor Jerome Blanchard’s characterization of him as a “Dirty ex-cop” and a “Mope.”  The conviction was affirmed and the notice was released this past Tuesday.

So, I want to make sure Bisbee and I are on the same page. First, he colludes and lies for his girlfriend in a court of law. The end being that the scorned Kristin would be able to see her ex-husband’s life ruined so that he rots in jail. Yet, when she (and he) is caught, he demands his own flavor of justice, seeking to have is conviction overturned because he didn’t like the prosecutor’s characterizations of him. So what of justice (or lack thereof) for Jeff Ruggiero that he so willingly was a party to?

Brendan Bisbee is a lot of things…a scumbag…a liar and a loser…In my initial article, I called him a, “douche bag.” I am sticking to that. In final analysis, I find Prosecutor Blanchard’s remarks grossly paling in comparison to the community view.  I even think them completely fair in the larger context of the evidence submitted.

Jerome Blanchard clearly prosecuted Bisbee with vigor…and rightfully so. A “Dirty ex-cop” and a, “Mope”?  INDEED!