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Democrats are not (NOT)  suggesting that Democrat Dick Patten resign–he is accused of stalking and what amounts to sexual harassment.

“A city man has received a temporary stalking order against Rep. Dick Patten, D-Concord, after the man complained Patten allegedly tried to kiss him and was repeatedly calling and texting him, according to the Concord Monitor, which broke the story Tuesday.”

(The Democrats may have managed to spike that story about Dick in major media so it would not outshine the Tremblay remarks that they wanted to push.  No comment on that either.)

Democrats did not suggest that Rep Cynthia Chase resign when she said straight out that Democrats and the state government could use the power of the state to”…make the environment here so unwelcoming that some will choose not to come, and some may actually leave.”  The Castro brothers would have loved that.   And that was awfully embarrassing to New Hampshire.  Chase is still in office isn’t she?  Oh yea…here she is, a few weeks ago, doing the “peoples” work.

But they are trying to get Rep. Stella Tremblay to resign for simply remarking on Glenn Becks web site that the government is somehow involved in the goings-on with the Boston Marathon Bombing.

So Dick may be guilty of a crime.   Cynthia Chase is guilty of fomenting legislative tyranny.  Stella is guilty of exercising free speech and not trusting the government.   It’s a typical day in the hypocrats tyrannical, left-wing, homosexual bullying neighborhood.


But what will inevitably be the most remarkable facet of this entire situation, like many before and many to follow, is that while the Democrats will ignore what their guy or gal did, or even stand behind them and publicly defend them with–at the very least dismissals, asides, remarks of indifference, or statements about how it’s not that big a deal–Republican House minority leadership may well do everything in their power to push Stella out.


Republicans are cowards and this might make them look bad.  Who cares is Tremblay is a reliable Republican vote.  (She might be too reliable.)

Whatever the reasons current NH House minority leadership has yet to demonstrate any consistent ability or even willingness to engage in the tactics of the left to defend their own or to identify the rampant hypocrisy with which Democrats do ideological battle when they are attacked.

Just over a week ago they were running away from Peter Hansen instead of challenging the left’s hypocrisy…

As for the matter at hand, New Hampshire House Republican Minority leadership has denounced Peter Hansen’s remarks instead of rightly observing that the same Democrat party that is obsessed with having the government directing and controlling our lives, behaviors, even the meanings of the words we use and the sorts of speech we may engage in, is the same Democrat party that has women parading around with signs or costumes or posting billboards declaring the vagina and women’s private parts as synonymous with women and their rights.

The hypocrisy is so thick I can barely see my Keyboard as I type, and yet once again, the Republicans were too busy running away to see it.

The spineless Republican House Leadership has already run away from Stella.  She should expect no assistance from them.  But that’s why we are here.

Stella.  Don’t do it.  Do Not Resign.  Challenge those hypocrites.   Make them live up to their own standards for you and every other Republican.  Demand it.   Someone has to.   Or just tell them to mind their own business and get back to playing solitaire .