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Who Can You Trust?

Stella Tremblay, a New Hampshire House Republican (Auburn), is on the media chopping block for being a little bit Alex Jones, and bit too much Glenn Beck.  Seems she posted some remarks on Beck’s site that comport with conspiracy theories regarding the Boston Marathon Bombings, and the Federal Government’s Complicity.

Posted to Beck’s site–as reported by HuffPo…

 Just as you said would happen. Top Down, Bottom UP. The Boston Marathon was a Black Ops “terrorist” attack. One suspect killed, the other one will be too before they even have a chance to speak. Drones and now “terrorist” attacks by our own Government. Sad day, but a “wake up” to all of us. First there was a “suspect” then there wasnt. Infowars broke the story and they knew they had been “found out”.

I can’t speak to any of that.  But I can admit that the past ‘few’ years or so have been replete with questionable antics by a Federal government grown far too big for it’s britches.

The Smartest President Ever™  (Obama if you’d forgotten) sold guns to Mexican drug lords as a prelude to gun control which cost hundreds of lives that the left didn’t give a damn about.  He actually allowed people to die, so he and his party could advance their anti-gun agenda–to use fraud to literally peel away a constitutional right they objected to.  A right that did what?  it was (is) a right that stands in the way of their accumulation of power.  Of the Federal Governments accumulation of power.  And New Hampshire Democrats were OK with it, why?  Because they agreed with the goal.

Obama and his Hillary left an Ambassador out to dry on another 9/11 and he died along with several others.  (Pre-sequester!)  The left didn’t seem to give too much of a damn about that either.  Nor did they care about the laughable lies and the prolonged cover-up that followed.  More dead folks, more deception, and New Hampshire Democrats were OK with it, why?  Because calling out their own could cost them an election.  Defending or just ignoring the lies might allow them to keep Obama and to continue to advance their political agenda.

When New Hampshire Democrat Cynthia Chase suggested using the law to keep people away from the state,  did any Democrats suggest that the petty tyrant should leave office?  That using the law in this way was wrong.  That to verbalize such a thing is unforgivable?  No.   Why?  Because they agreed with her.   It is how they legislate.  New Hampshire Democrats legislate with the intention of making the state inhospitable to people who prefer liberty and freedom.  It allows them to solidify control, to ensure their own political dynasty.  It’s who they are.

This is the New Hampshire Democrat party, with a prominent party member and former chairman, who had a sign stealing voter-fraud felon living in her home.  They love her still.  Even look up to her.

As for Stella, I don’t know her.  And I’m not big on the Alex Jones crowd.  I don’t watch a lot of TV so I never saw much Beck.  But does she have a right to be suspicious?  Shouldn’t we ask that question?  When the government lies about selling guns to criminals to make their political narratives a reality, and people die, and no one in power ever really pays a price, you have to wonder…what the hell else would they be willing to do?

So where are we?

Democrats want to give every level of government more power and more influence.   This is a fact.  They want the Federal government to have as much power and influence as it can get.  This is also a fact.  The Federal government tried to pull off Fast and Furious, which resulted in hundreds of actual deaths, to advance a very real agenda–gun control.  Also a fact.   A super-majority of New Hampshire Democrats, and Democrats in general, have gone to great lengths to ignore, cover-up, or hide these and other optically unpleasant events for the sole purpose of retaining control over that same government.

Democrats can say whatever they want about wild notions, the TEA party, or New Hampshire Republicans, but at the end of the day, they are the ones who favor the kind of massive government that does the sorts of things that Stella seems concerned about.  The same kinds of things the same Democrats accused George Bush’s ‘Federal Government’ of when Democrats were not in control of it.

Stella, meanwhile, no matter what she writes or says, believes the states and the people are better stewards of that power and that the closer it is to them the better they can control those to whom they entrust with it.  And her voting history backs that up.

So where are we?

Stella is entitled to her opinions but she is also a consistent vote for local control, a lower tax burden on New Hampshire families, and a small, manageable government of the people.  New Hampshire Democrats are happy to ignore the sins of their masters, were and are avid conspiracy theorists whenever it is politically convenient, and seem willing to embrace a tyrannical state capable of legislating people like Stella out of it if they could.

So tell me again?  Who is it that is more dangerous to a free and prosperous people?  Stella Tremblay, who is concerned about your freedom, or the average New Hampshire Democrat who is concerned with hiding the abuses of a deficit-ridden, incompetent, elitist controlled, unaccountable federal super-state, that attacks its opponents and tries to destroy them?

The kind of government Stella wants can’t do that to you.  The sort of government that Democrats want, has to.