Cynthia Chase Plays Solitaire During Floor Debate at NH State House.

by Steve MacDonald

Democrat cynthia-chase plays solitaire during House floor debate

NH For Liberty has this great picture of Rhode Island transplant and ideological xenophobe Cynthia Chase (Democrat) playing a game of Solitaire on her nice, big, shiny tablet, during a House floor debate.

Great job whomever– (I did not see a photo credit or I’d provide one.)

I’ll be sure to send this up the ladder like the last story about Cyndi.  I don’t expect it to get the kind of attention the last one did, but you never know.

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  • Susan

    She remains an embarrasment to herself and New Hampshire………..

    • Dana Coons

      While she is an embarrasment, the real embarrasment is the people that voted her into office and most likely will do so again.

  • Rick Olson

    Legislative clown follies….can’t make this stuff up

  • Daniel Tamburello

    Meanwhile, she was perfectly happy to vote to increase gas Taxes .15c/gal today…

    • C. dog e. doG

      Maybe we should start commuting to work on snowmobiles and ATV’s so we can get our gas tax refunds. That would sure have a dampening effect upon the tax & spend democrats … and republicans.
      – C. dog contracting his wealth

    • Keith Smith

      It is hardto tell is some people care about the poor at all.

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