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Senator Kelly Ayotte takes a good stand!

KellyAyotteSittingWe all know that the Democrat party is a wholly-owned subsidiary of our socialist-in-chief, Obama. I mean, this guy hates people having the means to defend themselves. That’s why the Democrats are in such a frenzy to ban guns. Here’s an example of what’s coming from the Democrat “community organizer” network (paid for, no doubt, by our tax money):

Senator Kelly Ayotte is hoping you weren’t paying attention. (ed.: BS)

Last week, she was one of 45 senators who decided to stand with the gun lobby, blocking a bill to expand background checks (ed.: YAY Kelly!) — a measure that 81% of New Hampshirites support. (ed.: BS)

OFA supporters across the country are holding their senators accountable — today, Senator Ayotte needs to hear directly from the people who sent her to Washington. One simple, very public way of doing that is to get on Twitter….

And…when you get on Twitter, this is what they want you to send to Kelly: .@KellyAyotte I’m one of the 81% of New Hampshirites who support background checks. Why did you vote against them? #WeWillBeHeard”

Oh please…screw “WeWillBeHeard.” We all know that gun-grabbing, pantywaist socialists suck, so let’s all tweet Kelly now and tell her how proud we all are of her defiant stand against the anti-self-defense thugs in Washington, DC.

Here’s what I just tweeted her: .@KellyAyotte I’m one of the MAJORITY of New Hampshirites who support the right to self-defense! THANK you for supporting the 2d Amendment!

Molon labe, socialist pigs!