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Is the NH Economy So Good That We Can Afford To Grow State Government by 16%?

NH Democrats cram 16% increases in budget down taxpayers throats

I know what you were thinking while you were paying almost four dollars a gallon for gas, or looking at your utility or cable bill, or thinking about how much more it costs to do the grocery shopping these days.  You were thinking, “Hey, times are so good, lets grow the size of the state government by 16%!”

You must have said that because someone in Concord seems to think they heard you say it.

What?  You weren’t thinking that?  Well you’d best get in touch with your legislator and tell them because the Democrat majority House is preparing to vote on a budget that will make your state government cost you 16% more.

The Hassan/House Democrat budget also includes $600 million dollars in new spending that was not even in the original budget–which itself spent revenues from streams that do not even exist.

I suppose that might explain why the Democrats have already gotten back to the business of cramming and downshifting costs on towns, as Susan observed just a few hours ago here.  That 16% growth in the cost of government has to get paid for somehow.

Of course, we could suggest to the legislators in Concord that the economy has not grown 16%–if at all.   That if the people of New Hampshire were even making more now than they were last year or the year before, they’d need that money for themselves just to manage the skyrocketing costs of running their own households at level funding.    Costs which more than a half-decade of Democrat rule in DC have failed to address, and may (arguably) have made worse.

We can ask, but they don’t give a damn.  They really don’t.  How could they?  Only someone who is completely disconnected from reality would vote to take 16% more from the citizens of their state in almost any economy; New Hampshire Democrats are looking to take 16% more in this one.

And yes, I’m going to say I told you so.  I told you that New Hampshire Democrat party leadership was and is committed to government-first growth.  The expansion of the state,  paid for by the working families and the business owners who employ us, is their first priority.

And here it is.  In a stumbling economy with rising unemployment, rising prices, and stagnating wages, the Majority Democrat House needs that 16% so they can make government bigger.  They added 600 million more in spending and buried it inside the budget.  And after years of denying all the downshifting of costs they voted for while trying to hide their last tilt at the levers of fiscal power, and all the blaming of Republicans for doing it, their first budget takes up right where they left off–cramming costs down on cities or towns so they can grow state government.