This Was the Moment When the Rise of the Oceans Began to Slow..." - Granite Grok

This Was the Moment When the Rise of the Oceans Began to Slow…”


My title is from the now infamous line from the narcissistic in chief, Barack Obama,  where he announces that by choosing him, the planet could begin to heal.

I’m not feelin’ the healin.’

It also turns out that the rise of the seas (what little there was) began to slow in 2002/2003, and have been heading downward ever since, despite CO2 continuing to rise, or the carbon-dioxide emitting wind bag, Barack Obama, yapping through his non-stop campaign as Commander in Thief.

Don’t get excited, George Bush can’t take credit either, this is above both of their pay grades.  The planet seems to think it can do what it wants regardless of the games humans play upon its surface.  Peer reviewed research indicates that there is a 60 year oscillation for sea level and it operates without any regard for CO2, Al Gwhore, Barack Obama, RGGI (for you NH Enviro-hacks), or anything else.  The impending doom of sea-level rise is just another feature of the hoax and not a legitimate concern to the feeble meat-puppets taken in by some desperate need to waste other peoples money for the enrichment of a select class of well connected axe-grinding crooks play-acting as planetary do-gooders.

Sea levels are dropping, and have been for more than a decade.

Good news for the limousine liberals in the 1% who keep buying up ocean front and exclusive island getaways.  You can not only keep hopping the globe in you Private jets, your beachfront is actually getting a little big bigger.