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Demokrat Diktionary – Tax Cuts

Tax Cuts:  Money you earned legally that the Democrats did not take from you (yet).Democrat dictionary -tax cut

Example.  You earn $1000.00 dollars.  The government takes $200.00, but it could have taken $500.00.  In this example, the Democrats gave you a $300.00 dollar tax cut.  (They actually gave you a 500.00 tax cut because none of that money is really yours to begin with.  It belongs to the government.)

Note: This same thinking also applies to budgets and spending.  If Democrats spent $100 million dollars last year on something and instead of raising the amount of spending to $200 million dollars this year they only raise it to $150 million, the Democrats have cut spending by 50 million dollars.   This is then advertised as a demonstration of their love and affection for the struggling middle class unless Republicans did it, then it is a catastrophic budget cut that will cripple (insert name here).

Spending still went up, and you still get screwed out of another 50 million, but if you don’t thank the Democrats for pointing out either their generosity or the Republicans skulduggery you are an unpatriotic, extremist, bigot, who is probably a racist that wants wealthy bankers to run down poor single pregnant women of color with their limos before they can make it across the crumbling pavement of our decrepit infrastructure from the unemployment office to their back-alley abortion.