Can You Choose Not to have Leukemia? - Granite Grok

Can You Choose Not to have Leukemia?

Sandra Fluke is making the case that allowing employers to deny contraception on religious grounds could just get so out of control that they (employers) might deny coverage for other things like….say…Leukemia.

Hey -I just met you, And this is crazy.  But here’s my number…so Leukemia maybe?

I am not quite sure what should be more embarrassing.  Sandra Fluke making this argument or MSNBC giving here a platform to make it.

But what should be really embarrassing is that Leukemia is not a choice, and the last time I checked there is no cure, and the odds are good that the same leviathan apparatus the the Fluke-ster is defending to sustain her “taxpayer-backed hook-up culture mentality” is far more likely to deny coverage or treatment to victims of Leukemia than those inane business owners who think that if you choose to have sex, and you choose to try and prevent pregnancy while choosing to have sex, that you should choose to pay for your own contraception yourself.

 Warner Todd Huston- Breitbart/Big Government