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Contraceptive mandate

HHS Gets Coal in Its Stocking

Democrats insisted that business owners not only had to provide insurance (or get fined) but that the insurance had to cover contraception and abortion (day after) pills, even after Bart Stupak  voted yes! claiming…”There will be no public funding for abortion in this legislation. We’ve all stood on principle.”   That would be the principle …

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S’Preme Court Revives Challenge To Obama Care…

…on religious grounds. S’Preme credit first to Hot Air, whose title I have assumed as my own.  And second, how about a do-over? Liberty University had challenged the law on religious grounds courtesy of the insurance mandate itself, the HHS’ contraceptive mandate,  and the retarded left-wing notion that the government can prohibit any and every …

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It’s That Simple

I am still without power so content from me will be thin at best until further notice.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t try to start a row with 16 seconds of video. Yes, It’s that simple. Hot Air