So, what’s the reaction been to the gun grabbers? Lots! - Part II - Granite Grok

So, what’s the reaction been to the gun grabbers? Lots! – Part II

Rassmussen is reporting that MORE guns in schools are the right way to go:

Fifty-four percent (54%) of American adults would feel safer if their child’s school had an armed security guard. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 26% would feel safer if their child attended a school where no adults were allowed to have guns. Another 20% are undecided.

Among parents of school-aged children, support for armed guards is even higher. Sixty-two percent (62%) of such parents would feel safer with an armed security guard at the school, while 22% would feel safer if their child attended a gun-free school.

And of course, we hear from many of the “Education Professionals” that the last thing they want to do is to disturb “the status quo” of the gun free zone (aka – “gun free victims here!!”).  But the actual Employers (aka, the parents, whose tax monies pay their salaries) are telling them otherwise).  Yet, reports are coming back that private offers of gun training for teachers and school staffs are being accepted far beyond expectations – so when you listen to “the professionals”, not all are of the mind to “lock the door and cower in the corner, defenseless.”

After all, it took the Sandy Hill police 20 minutes to arrive at that school – and they had drilled on this.  Yet, the Diane Feinsteins of the world want us defenseless even as the vast majority of us are being judged to be guilty for the acts of a few.

Again – the gun grabbers might say “its all about the guns” but guns do nothing while locked in the safes.  What they are all saying, if you listen between the lines and extrapolate, is in direct contradiction of the most basic premise of our judicial system: innocent until proven guilty.  I cannot stress this enough: Feinstein, Bloomberg, Cuomo, almost all Progressive Democrats / Democrat Socialists, the Brady Center et al – like all Progressives, they have already judged us all and have determined that we are all guilty.  Yet, they will not allow the second premise ever to come up – a jury of our peers.  They will use the point of a pen to carry out their sentence upon us (ok, pixels off a screen and onto the dots of a laser printer).

Guilty.  Really?  That’s really what is at stake when they demand that we give up the tools that allow us to protect ourselves and our families from assault.  Have they ever considered that what they are doing is nothing less than assault as well, upon on innocence?  Go ahead, ask: why are you judging me guilty by taking away legal firearms?  They won’t answer the direct question – they will try to deflect with “it’s for the common good”, or “it’s for the children”, or descending down the rhetorical ladder “Oh, so you are for kiddie killers?”.

At that point, you look at them, tilt your head, and say “All of you tell people like me to stop being judgmental, yet you are judging me rigt now.  Isn’t that being hypocritical”?  And when they answer that question, the way I believe they will, they have have compromised themselves.