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Just How Shrill Can You Be, Kathy Sullivan?

“Never argue with a fool – people may not notice the difference.” —Mark Twain

Kathy SullivanKathy Sullivan may have topped Tuesday in the Union Leader where she writes, “The NRA stirs up fears by not telling the truth.”

She starts off by calling the  NRA’s response to the Newtown Massacre, “ridiculous,” despite the fact that prior to the tragedy upwards of 10,000 schools had armed Security.

A Second lie she tells is that she is on an NRA call list, “probably because I used to have a New Hampshire Fish and Game license.” Any of us who have been around Fish & Game for any period of time know the two do not meet. Fish & Game is a State Agency, neither endorsing nor opposing Second Amendment or other gun legislation. If she is on any call list of the NRA, she put herself there, not Fish & Game. 

The Shrill Kathy then cites a lack of  consensus on the the global arms trade treaty, attributable to opposition from Egypt, Syria, North Korea, Iran and Algeria, United States and Russia. She then suggests that demonizes the NRA as being in sync with Iran and North Korea for its opposition to the treaty.

Sullivan then perpetuates the lie that the UN Treaty has no effect on domestic small arms, when in fact the treaty contains requirements for member nation domestic gun policy requirements. Liberals insist and insist, but remember all firearms enter the stream of commerce on some level. So with her counter to that NRA argument she parallels the NRA with suborning Terrorism. 

So again we hear from the Shrill Kathy Sullivan..Only this time, she is calling the NRA ridiculous liars that align with Rogue Regimes that enable, suborn and support global terrorism.

Well, WHO IS THE NRA? The NRA is you and me…With four and a half million strong, the NRA is made up of the rich, the poor…The mansion-dwellers and the trailer dwellers; The Pick-up truck drivers, the luxury car drivers; Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Clergy, Policemen, Firemen, Social Workers, Rock and Roll Stars, Country Western Stars, Liberals, conservatives, Atheists, Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Plumbers, Electricians, IT Professionals…Mothers, Fathers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Sons, Daughters, Uncles, Aunts…NRA membership touches every single cross section of society. A large number of NRA members are men and women who have spent considerable blood and treasure defending this country and what it stands for, to now be called a lying, dictator-advocating terrorist-regime supporting organization by the likes of Kathy Sullivan.

She goes on to write,

“Yet the NRA leadership, in another overheated, truth-defying statement, claimed that the President was “attacking firearms and ignoring children.” Hogwash, malarkey and lies, all based on the false premise that the President wants to take your guns away…”

Yet, last month the Shrill Kathy wrote,  “We need to take the guns away now.”