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“Gun Nuts” To The Rescue…

“These people protected me when I couldn’t protect myself..” —Kevin Dorsey, Houston Robbery Victim, rescued by armed citizens.

“I don’t believe in guns,” said Kevin Dorsey, who found himself suddenly the victim of an armed robbery in Houston’s Hermann Park neighborhood. “I don’t own a gun,” Dorsey added.  

But Kevin Dorsey was one of the few lucky people that a couple of, “Gun Nuts” happen to be driving by while he was being robbed. According to KPRC Houston, Police say the armed thug was canvassing a local neighborhood when he thought he had found an easy mark.

Criminal and, illegally-armed robber Christopher Hutchins, dressed in all black and wearing a ski mask, put a gun to Dorsey’s chest, demanding his wallet, cell phone and car keys. Two guys in a gray Mercedes inquired if Dorsey had been robbed and he responded in the affirmative.The two armed individuals pursued the suspect exchanging gunfire with the criminal, wounding the thief. In his quest to futher escape, Hutchins jumped a fence where he was attacked by a German Shepherd Dog. (Sorry, that is just funny).

Gun Nut – a pejorative stereotype commonly used by anti-second amendment liberals; Cast upon gun owners by anti-gun advocates as a means of implying that they are fanatical, exhibit abnormal or aberrant behavior, or are a threat to the safety of others; Commonly used by Hoplophobic liberal elites.

“I’m totally at the mercy of my saviors,” said Dorsey. “These people protected me when I couldn’t protect myself.”  Speaks for itself.

Another glaring example where armed folks stepped in to assist a citizen who was being robbed and whose life was in peril. Kevin Dorsey was at the mercy of this armed thug until others intervened on his behalf.

Despite this story, anti-gun liberals will continue their quest to disarm America. Armed citizens will continue to use their guns to protect themselves and others, further validating the notion that liberals merely want to disarm us to because progressives cannot truly wield their Utopian arbitrary power until the ability to resist is neutralized.