Obama-Boehner is nothing like Reagan-O'Neill - Granite Grok

Obama-Boehner is nothing like Reagan-O’Neill

The column in the 12/21/2012 Citizen of Laconia (www.citizen.com) titled, “History teaches us valuable lesson about taking the same side”, apparently written by Steve and Cokie Roberts, is interesting, but I see little similarity between the Reagan-O’Neill situation and the Obama-Boehner situation.  For example, Tip O’Neill was interested in following the law and passing a budget.  President Obama’s last two (and perhaps 3) budgets were so unrealistic that they have received NO democrat votes in either the House or the Senate.  The Republican controlled House has passed annual budgets, but the Democrat controlled Senate refuses to consider them or pass their own budget, and President Obama is, apparently, fine with that.  Having no budget creates a crisis every time that funding is about to run out in any area.

Speaker O’Neill wanted a strong and vigorous economy, so does Boehner.  But, the only thing that President Obama has done to help build a strong and vigorous economy is when he agreed to extend the Bush tax cuts that democrats have consistently condemned.  Now, even in our weak economy, President Obama  has already raised taxes on every taxpayer, via Obamacare, and he  wants to raise taxes even further on the people who create jobs.  His administration’s oppressive regulations, the new Obamacare taxes, and now the new taxes he wants make it even less likely that businesses will want to invest and create jobs in our country.

President Obama keeps trying to blame the rich for all our problems.  He wants to tax the rich more, but his proposed tax increases, even if they work as he says, would only raise enough money to run the government for a week or two or cover our current deficit for 2-4 weeks.  The result is that we continue to have $1 trillion deficits as far as the eye can see, something that is very harmful to our economy.  In addition, President Obama and Treasury Secretary have agreed, with most economists, that such huge deficits are unsustainable and will cause great harm to our country.  But, President Obama is not willing to do anything to eliminate, or even just significantly cut, these deficits.       .

Finally, President Obama doesn’t like our Constitution, he wants to “fundamentally change” our country in ways he won’t disclose.  He thinks our country is no more exceptional than any other.  President Obama says we are exceptional just like Greece is exceptional, Greece which is in a deep financial crisis and has almost daily riots in the street.  Some may argue that this is patriotic, but it is not the same kind of patriotism that Speaker O’Neill had which was to honor the principles that made our country the freest, the richest, the strongest, the most generous, and the most principled in human history.