Merry Hanukwanzmas - Granite Grok

Merry Hanukwanzmas

Happy Christmakwanzukkah?  How about Yule or Saturnalia?  Whatever your winter solstice holiday poison may be you can bet your nativity sceneEstablishment Clause and his eight tiny ACLU reindeer that the real winners will be the secular humanists and the flying monkey Lawyer-politicians that pull their empty sleigh; craven acolytes of the void, committed to pressuring anyone who does not agree with them until they submit.

You can’t celebrate Christmas because it offends me!  If government permits this is has violated my rights! 

It makes you want to say ‘Merry Christmas.”  Merry Christmas!


What (probably) bugs me the most about all of this is not the ‘Happy-Holidays-Yule-Tree-secularization of the more popular Christian celebration, it is their argument for the Godless state that fuels it (the expunging of all that is divine from the public square of which Christmas is their golden Calf) makes no sense whatsoever.  Consider…

Free religious expression is like a great big buffet.  There are many dishes to choose from, some similar, some different, some very different.   The US Constitution states that you are free to choose any dish you like, mix and match, pick, sample, gorge, try a no-thank you portion, add new ones,  just window shop, or just keep on walking.  The state cannot tell you from which dish you must ‘eat’ for to do so would be to honor an establishment of religion.

That is how it should work.  But that’s not how it really works.

Instead we are told by the secular humanists and atheists that the very existence of the buffet is a violation of their rights.  That there can be no public evidence at all.  Even the scent of a dish from the buffet is a violation of their so-called right to no religion.  That just walking by is too much pressure for them to bear?  Pressure?  You don’t believe in anything, where’s the pressure?

Look space aliens!  Do you believe it?  How about Big foot, the Easter bunny, global warming or Keynesian economics?  Where’s the outrage at having to be subjected to that nonsense which (based on your lack of faith) is on the same intellectual shuttle bus as God?

So the aliens abducted Bigfoot and took him to Atlantis to save him from global warming, or maybe it was to save him from Keynesian economics, I forget, but Atlantis is actually in the sea of space which is a boundless expanding something with lumps of stuff, some burning some not, that appeared out of nowhere from nothing, Amen.   And Darwin evolved from the same goo as the Sperm whale so who cares if the math doesn’t work.  As long as the math for the Bible is repeatedly pointed out as impossible, everything is Kosher unless that also offends you.

The religion of no-religion gets special treatment from the state, if you hadn’t noticed.  And to many secularists and atheists, and coward politicians, and strangely disconnected jurists, the US Constitution does not protect free expression unless it is theirs and therefore protects them from even having to endure the wandering aroma from the “What if God is Real Diner.”

Instead we must have the all you can’t eat buffet.  Wow I think I’ll go for seconds!  But you can’t because there can’t even be a buffet.  No pan, no spoons, no dishes, not nothing, even the idea is verboten.   It is as much a void that appeared from nothing-just-like-everything-else that appeared from nothing.   A “belief system” without belief, a sacred text with no text, no blank pages, and no words, just missionaries on a mission, with lawyers,  who expect the government to enforce their nothing above all somethings.

Of course the US constitution was supposed to protect the right of association and assembly in public, free speech in public, and religious expression also very likely also in public (all in the same amendment no less), which suggest that there is something to express that needs protecting from its absence by force, or its imposition without exception by force.  So how do you enforce nothing?  Ask an atheist!

Then remind them that they are the ones seeking exception by force, to deny others their rights, and bending the government cauliflower ear to get special treatment for their “non-beliefs” in any space one can define as public, which like their universe springs from nothing with the exception that a universe from nothing is more than the nothing from nothing that would be their public preference.

And yet no one is denying your right to not believe in anything or nothing.

So feel free to assume that every absence of any religious expression anywhere in the entire nation is a gimme expression of atheism.  But for the sake of consistency maybe you should stop believing in the power of government to force your will on everyone else.  It’s got something of deific character to it that might be misinterpreted as hypocrisy, or don’t you believe in that either?