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Blogline of the Day – The “friends you keep”

YOU CAN JUDGE A TV PROGRAM’S AUDIENCE BY ITS ADVERTISERS, so what does it tell us that the first ad I saw on the CNN Democratic presidential debates was “Ron Reagan, lifelong atheist,” on behalf of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Merry Hanukwanzmas

Happy Christmakwanzukkah?  How about Yule or Saturnalia?  Whatever your winter solstice holiday poison may be you can bet your Establishment Clause and his eight tiny ACLU reindeer that the real winners will be the secular humanists and the flying monkey Lawyer-politicians that pull their empty sleigh; craven acolytes of the void, committed to pressuring anyone …

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Mental Recrement 5-27-12

I accept that there are several “definitions” for frappe based on the contents in the cup.  But I do not believe that anyone in New England need embarrass themselves by calling whichever whatever it is a ‘fraa-paayy.’  This is New England.  Just pronounce it a frapp. … My wife was searching for a price on …

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Atheists to USMC: Take Down Crosses Or We’ll Sue

“Some people will spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don’t have that problem.”  —Ronald Reagan, President of the United States; 1985 Every Veteran ought to be disgusted. An atheist group is saber-rattling, threatening legal action over crosses erected on Camp Pendleton Hill, demanding the removal …

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