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Guest Post by Ken Eyring – Why the Henniker Zoning Board believes it owns your property

“If someone else controls your private property, you do not own it.”  – Skip Murphy.  Six days ago, Steve had this post concerning the trouble that Stephen Forster (Forster’s Christmas Tree Farm) is in with the local zoning members concerning the way he wishes to use his own property (to hold weddings as “Agro-Tourism”, a perfectly legal use of his private property with respect to State law).  He asked, in that post, that you go support Stephen keep his innate freedom to use his own land for his own purposes.  Well, a bunch of people showed up with their virtual flashlights to show their support – and made the Henniker Zoning Board rather uncomfortable.  You see, when we, the citizens, hold elected and unelected officials to account, they become very uncomfortable – they hate being held to account for things that they are not allowed to do.  Here is the  message from Ken concerning that meeting (emphasis mine):

Dear Friends,

Here is a link (at GovernmentOversite) to the Henniker Zoning Board meeting on Nov. 15th — and I urge you to watch and pass it onto others.

[Note from Skip – watch the closeups very carefully;  see how uncomfortable they are, knowing that they are being watched because of their actions?]

Why? Because it represents the type of attack on our property rights that will be coming from elected people that don’t respect our Constitution — but have unfortunately been empowered to make decisions as to what we can and can’t do on our property.

As you view this video, you will find that it is painful to listen to the Zoning Board search for a reason to justify how they can place a restriction on Steve Forster regarding the usage of his farm property. The board’s struggle occurs after it is clear they agree that holding weddings on a farm (the issue at hand) is considered to be agri-tourism… and that agri-tourism is included in the definition of agriculture. The board also agreed that the practice of agriculture is allowed on a farm under state statute.

So where is the problem you ask? They wanted to overturn the citation that was issued — which threatened fines if Mr. Forster held any events, but at the same time… they wanted to attach restrictions even though the activity in question has been occurring on Mr. Forster’s farm since the early 80’s.

Please watch the video. At least some of it (it runs 1 hr. 45 min.). I hope it will inspire you to do more in each of your local communities. We can no longer let our governance remain in the hands of people that don’t respect our God given rights under the Constitution. I hope you feel the same way and that you will seek qualified people to run for office, and/or run yourselves in your town governments.

In the meantime, I want to express my sincere gratitude to Ed Comeau for traveling all over the state of NH and making these videos for our benefit. With Ed’s work, we have a recorded historical record as to what transpires in these types of meetings. His motto is “The People Are Watching“, and it is very appropriate.

Skip Murphy of GraniteGrok fame also deserves kudos, as he too, has logged many a miles with his videography equipment and vigilance to protect our liberties and freedoms. [yes, blushing here  -Skip]

God Bless each and everyone of you on this email list for your concern and devotion to liberty. My sincere wishes goes to each of you for a peaceful Thanksgiving with your family, friends and loved ones.