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Perfect timing, NH Rep David Campbell – you prove my point

I just put up this post up and it ends like this:

Our single reason why is this: he [Obama]is the single worst threat to TEA Party ideals: Free Markets (he wants Government directed markets), Constitutionally bound and limited Government, and fiscal responsibility in that Government.  These are complete opposite of the current crop of Democrat Socialists.

And that is why they fear us.

That the NH Dems are calling the TEA Party, Free Staters and 9/12ers extreme is simple: we represent and “cling” to the values and the words in the Constitution.  We are their worst nightmare as we are the Gate that stops the country’s march to complete Progressivism.  And then this came floating in:

Apparently [Democrat NH State Representative] David Campbell thinks we are a bunch of nut jobs in the NH house……The conservative “Bat-signal” is requested gentlemen.

While responding to a “Grok-signal” might be more appropriate (heh!),  we stand by our pledge: “… fly to the aid of rock-ribbed freedom loving and liberty seeking / leaning folk anywhere!…”.  So, I went and left these bon mots for Rep Dave – and an offer:

Extreme?  Really The First remark to be made is “Yo, Dave”?  Are you forgetting that in 2010, the voters (er, that would be ALL NH voters) finally had enough of the Democrat agenda and threw the majority of your butts out of the House and most of your butts out of the NH Senate, and completely out of the Executive Council.

So, wanna keep yakking about who was judged to be “extreme”?

I review the legislation you cite and go “good deal”.  Why?  It is completely opposite of the Democrat agenda from a philosophical basis.  Our state motto is “Live Free or Die”.  In almost every case, the Democrat supermajorities decided that “Free” (as in Free Men) was optional and gathered more and more power into Concord by Legislative and Regulatory means.  In effect, you turned NH into a microcosm of what the Democrats were doing in DC (with the same intensity to become the Progressive Administrative State – thinking that you were “ruling benignly” but truly removing decisions from the hands of those that should be making it – Individuals.

The reaction is that Movement Conservatives and Libertarians shouldered up and put aside their differences, seeing an existential threat to the NH values of self-responsibility and self-determination (yeah, that “LIVE FREE OR DIE” thing).  While each Party and each Session has its fair share of clunkers for laws, what came out of the House was legislation that (in Bill O’Brien’s own words – I know, as I was the one that asked the question) started the devolving of power from Concord and back to the towns and, more importantly, back to the sovereign citizens of NH.

Which, I might add, NH Progressives believe are unable to navigate life on their own, treating them as children at best and mere wards of the State at worst.  Go ahead and argue it, Mr. Campbell, but ask yourself this questoin as you examine each piece of Democrat legislation’s intent: does it empower the average NH citizen or is is choosing a protected class/special interest?  Does it invest more responsibility and decision making power to an Individual, or does it empower Government to “nudge” a decision at best or take that decision out of a citizen’s hand at worst?

There is a need for Government, but a limited one.  There is a need to spend at the Governmental level, but not one that decides what to spend first and figure out how to raise that money second.  There is a need for assistance but not a need for that soft cotton-like coccoon that envelopes it self completely around you and keeps you from moving.

So, what say you, NH Rep. Campbell?  Ready to leave the Dark Side and come to the Light?