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What Happens If Obama Wins?

This is a direct question to my Libertarian leaning friends who claim to have a love of liberty so deep that they would rather watch it bleed out on the street than vote for Mitt Romney.  I get it.   I was never a huge Romney guy.  I was no fan of John McCain either but I understood he risk that Obama represented to liberty.  Not enough of us did and Obama was elected.

So here we are again, almost four years into the worst presidency ever, a world in chaos, economic, political, and that same guy wants four more years.   Is it really worth the risk?

And just to be clear, I do not care about your Gary Johnson or Ron Paul write-in fantasies.  We are way, way past that.  This is the real world. This is about putting Liberty on life support.  About keeping it breathing.   To stop the bleeding before there is nothign left to save.   And color it any way you want but voting for anyone but Romney (at this point) is a vote for Obama.  I don’t like it, but that’s how it is.  And while you are free to vote for whomever you like regardless, no matter what the risk, I want you to honestly answer this question first, before you go to the polls in November and risk it.

What Happens if Obama Wins?

(And for those intent on going off on some libertarian anti-Romney rant…The almighty says don’t change the subject just answer the F…ing Question.)

From Braveheart. (:05)

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…and let’s not forget this from Andrew Breitbart…(1:57)