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Reason 2,301,456 why the Media is in the Democrat tank for Obama

Like I said here, the Mainstream Media always picks side in the political battles and will pretty much sink to the occasion of “fair and balanced” when spinning what should be straight news.  The graphic is right: In LIBYA for gosh sakes, where they just fought a major civil war and things STILL haven’t calmed down, there was no Marine contingent to protect US officials ON US SOVEREIGN SOIL?  What first seemed to be a “protest” has turned out to be planned, coordinated Al Qaeda operation over multiple locations?

You know, why is the MSM so taken with what ended up with an accurate portrayal of actual events by Romney and NOT what is important – why was this missed, why weren’t adequate steps taken for contingency planning (if this happens, do this; if that, do plan B – you know, doing some rudimentary “planning?), where was the intel lapse, why was Obama skipping out on his intel meetings, and so on?

Instead of substance, it was ‘surface” – it has all been a cover for Obama via “attack the messenger”?  This is not just a #FAIL for the Obama Doctrine and his Administration, but for the MSM for not just doing basic journalism – instead, they go all “opinion” on Romney’s butt as if this was all his fault.

Note to Press Corps: Obama has done nothing but broadcast appeasement to our enemies.  In fact, he and his  Administration only seem to see their enemy as those that oppose him politically here at home.  You know, many of us “domestic terrorists” (as described by DHS as being white, middle class, Protestant, working, believers in God and cling to our Bibles, want a more frugal and smaller government, and believe that people should be more self-reliant and sufficient rather than dependent upon his govt) are treated with more disrespect than those that would, well, kill many of Obama’s identity political groups if given a chance (re: Obama voting present and siding with the Iranian Islamic mullahs (who routinely kill gays for simply being gay) during the Iranian democracy uprising).

Dangerous times we live in – and this shows that Obama is ill-prepared to handle it.


After all, at the Washington Press Corp Dinner where Obama let this loose:

“Most of you all covered me…

most of the assembled press in attendance laughed.  And then he added:

…but all of you voted for me.”

And he got a standing O.

(H/T: Liberal Logic 101)