Oh yeah, let's not forget about "They don't need it" argument - the foundation for Redistribution - Granite Grok

Oh yeah, let’s not forget about “They don’t need it” argument – the foundation for Redistribution

That’s another tenet of Liberalism / Regressivism Progressivism to go along with “You don’t do the right things with it” meme.  They look at the well to-do, the rich, and the uber-rich and think “we can take it because they won’t miss it and they don’t need it”.  Really?  You can take it because YOU feel they don’t need it?  Really, how much closer to a bad rationalization do you have to make keep from letting your better side from realizing “er, isn’t that stealing“?  Just because someone has WAY more than you have means that it is perfectly legitimate for you to just take what they own for your own Progressive purposes?  Not only is this wrong, it is the absolute epitome of the definition of selfishness.  How hollow it must be to publicly be saying “look at what we give to people” all the while working hard (or being very dismissive) to not square the cognitive dissonance that the possible freedom they give to some in a material way is far outweighed by the tyranny laid upon those from who they take on the other side of the equation.

Sure, it is always posed as “We are merely asking that the rich give a little more“.  Absolute nonsense – as the top 10% of income earners pay 70% of all income taxes, how much more should they be paying?  There  is no “asking” (which implies one can say “no” as an acceptable answer) and there is no “giving” (which would be voluntary).  Such sophistry and solipsism: any “asking” is really a legal demand while the “giving” is merely paying a tax bill – or landing in the Old Pokey with nice steel bars around you.  There is no “voluntary” about it.  Oh, to be sure, there will be commenters that will jump all over this with that silly “We all belong to the Goverment as the one thing we do” or we all have to pay taxes.  Oh, to be sure, we do have to pay taxes – but Progressives want Government to overspread and take over Society such there there is only Government, and that takes more and more and more in taxes (in which, Progressives act just like, and are no better with respect to Private Property, Willy Sutton).

Truly, Progressivism is a morally bankrupt philosophy.

No wonder why they hate the 10 Commandments so much: “Thou shalt not steal”.  Gosh, every time they read that, they must get the shakes – it’s just like that other document that says “…shall make no law…”.  No wonder they hate both documents so much – it exposes their inner selves in a bright light.  Both documents place limits, which means self-restraint, self-governance, and self-responsiblity.  None of those are the hallmarks of the Progressive philosophy or lifestyles.

Sure, they try to make the argument that the rich stole their wealth from the little people, as their economic worldview is that the economy is a fixed size pie – if someone gets more, someone gets much less.  They don’t understand (or cannot really admit it to themselves) that the economy grows based on innovation and productivity.  Thus, if someone is rich, they had to have stolen it.  Thus, legal redistribution of what others have earned (via taxation) is simply giving it back to those that deserve had it stolen from them.

Economic Freedom?  Only if Progressives control the definition ‘freedom’ to be only that which they allow.  After all, these super-Nannies know best!

And Redistributionist-in-Chief?  Even worse – he’s just all for it just because he can: