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Ask A NH Democrat – About Free Speech

Free Speech FlagA private citizen made a lousy YouTube video about six months ago.  A few days ago islamo-fascists used it as a vehicle to inflame Muslim uprisings.  Under the cover of same, Americans were killed, or in some cases executed.  The Obama Administration’s response to the killings was to send the police out in the dark of night and collect the man they believe responsible for making the video.

Muslims, living in third world arm-pits, are familiar with this strategy.  People disappearing in the night when they have displeased those in power by saying something that has made them look bad.  They do not have free speech.  But we do.  Well, we are supposed to.

So ask a New Hampshire Democrat…

What message does it send when, after Muslin extremists claim to have killed Americans as retribution for blasphemy, the US government insists that an act of free speech is the cause, blame the man who made the video, and then sends the police to go and get him in the middle of the night?

Ask them: Don’t you think that this sends the message that in the future, when they want President Obama to do something, all they have to do is gather a Mob, kill an American or two, and he’ll just ignore the US constitution and give them waht they want?

Ask them: do you support a Democrat Presidents use of the police state to silence free speech in America?

Ask them.