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Because Democrat Timothy Horrigan Asked…


Calling out Left wing hypocrisy is my meat and potatoes. So, the other day, while asking (yet again) why anyone would trust Democrats given their party culture, I mentioned that one of their current NH House candidates had previously voted here while claiming to live in another State.

New Hampshire Democrat Timothy Horrigan asked when the candidate, William ‘Hud’ Connery, admitted to living in Tennessee?  Another ‘anonymous commenter’ said the post was bogus and we had no proof.

I accept your challenge.  You want proof, here it is.

UNH Student William Hudson Connery III, announces that he voted in New Hampshire and is a resident of Tennessee.  He also encourages other out of state students to do the same thing.

William Hud Connery Tenessee Resident voting in NH

Operative phrase…

“The Obama campaign is trying to get everyone we can to go down and vote in Durham.”

“If you are from out of state, it doesn’t matter…”

“I am from Tennessee and I voted Already.”

“…You are better off registering now.. (In NH because)…when the general rolls around you won’t have to vote absentee in your home town.”

After telling out of state college students not to vote in their “home town,” he tells them people died to give them that right.  No New Hampshire Democrats had to die to let them vote in a state that does not include their home town.  All they did was use their majority to water down the rules to legalize the stuffing of local ballot boxes with the left-leaning votes of out of state college students.

Side note: This guy is running for office with the support and defense of many New Hampshire Democrats.

Sometime after voting in New Hampshire, Mr. Connery joins the Tennessee Democrat Party  (wow that picture looks very familiar), listing his town of residence as Nashville, TN, reaffirming the residency he declared while voting in New Hampshire.

Tennessee Democrat Party Page for William Hud Connery

Mr. Connery did eventually return to New Hampshire and is running for the NH State House (Rockingham – 17) after reaffirming his domicile in Tennessee in 2009, but in most cases-if the brain-drain arguments are correct–these students do not stay nor come back.  They vote here, mostly for Democrats and in support of spending your tax dollars, diluting your ability to object to spending you feel might be excessive or unnecessary, and preventing you from choosing your representatives by significantly tilting the ballot toward the left.

It is worth mentioning that every Democrat running in Newmarket (Michael Cahill, Patty Lovejoy, and Marcia Moody) including Mr. Connery (maybe every Socialist-Democrat in the State?), are against clarifying domicile to prevent improper out of state influence on local elections, and they are also universally against photo ID for the same reasons. The Incumbent Democrats running voted against changes to domicile and requiring photo id (which are now law despite them).  But given the opportunity, they would return us to watered-down rules that invalidate legitimate votes with the votes of people who not only vote here when declaring domicile outside the state but encourage others to do the same as student Connery did.

And claiming it is legal is no excuse. The government can legalize anything it wants–conveniently enough–if it just has enough votes.

Arguing that people who claim to live outside the state should be allowed to vote here–who just happen to overwhelmingly vote for Democrats and watering down voting rules–is not only advocating out of state influence (in contradiction to another thing New Hampshire Democrats insist they are against), it is stuffing the ballot box to give them even more votes in town councils and the state legislature, to legalize other behaviors that could give Democrats more political power over the rest of us.

Making it legal does not change the fundamental issue at hand.   It makes it impossible for actual residents to choose their candidates or to ensure that warrants, spending, any measure on their local ballot, passed or failed because of the will of the people who genuinely live there.

Republicans have tried to give that voice back to you, by merely asking people to commit to living here before voting as if they do; and to demonstrate some evidence of that commitment before they vote to spend New Hampshire residents money or to select candidates who will have the same power.  And before you say it, those out of state college students have not been denied their right to vote.  No one died in vain to protect that.  They can vote absentee, in their own home town, just like everyone in the military and military families has done for years, when they have volunteered to be someplace else in the world.

New Hampshire Democrats sanctioned the ultimate form of out of state influence on local elections by making it legal for non-residents to cast votes here.  And now they want it back.

And before I forget, did I answer your questions?  Or are the candidates actual own words and actions inadmissible before the Democrat court of opinion?