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Anyone Dissapointed That Annie Kuster Didn’t Ask Maggie Hassan to Drop Out?

Ann McLane Kuster - Supported by Anti-Israel J Street

It didn’t take long.  Congressional candidate Ann McLane Kuster (I call her McKluster) expressed her disappointment at Charlie Bass for having better things to do than jump in to the circular firing squad against Todd Aikn, of Missouri.

“In New Hampshire, Annie Kuster rapped one of Democrats’ top targets, GOP Rep. Charlie Bass, saying she was ‘‘disappointed’’ Bass hadn’t yet called for Akin to leave the Senate race.”

Like most desperate Democrats with no coat tails to ride in on, McKluster took out the rhetorical bat against her Republican opponent, Charlie Bass.  It is, after all, his responsibility as a congressman to denounce everything any other Republican does (or says, or can be said to be thinking…).   So by extension, where is it I can find candidate McKlusters call for Maggie Hassan to drop out of the Governors Race.

When hearing the suggestion that Democrats could “beat Republican’s with a bat,” Hassan said that was a good answer.  She is clearly condoning violence against women, gays, minorities, all of whom are represented in the Republican party.  So Ann Kuster doesn’t care about that?

Why has she not asked that Lee Nyquist’s campaign manager, Kevin Hodges, be replaced.  Kevin is the person who suggested Democrats could beat Republicans with a bat, or their hands and feet.  Is kicking and punching political opponents acceptable candidate Kuster?  Why have you not called on Democrat Senate candidate Lee Nyquist to denounce his own campaign manger, if not remove ad replace him?

And what of the room full of smiling, laughing Goffstown Democrats, sitting in a church basemen, expressing joy at the idea?  No reprimand for them either?

I’m beginning to think that Ann McLane Kuster, who–by the way–supports infanticide, is only bringing up the otherwise obscure Akin (who unlike Hassan is not even from or near New Hampshire) because she sees some political advantage.

Yes.  That is what we need.  More Democrats in congress who are willing to ignore threats or violence from their own party for a political advantage.

Need another example?  Where is Ann McLane Kusters outrage at the SEIU beating up a black conservative?

Why hasn’t she called out the Obama Super PAC for calling Mitt Romney a murderer or pointed out that it was an Obama blunder who was running Bain when that steel worker lost his job.

Can someone please show me her outrage at gun runners Eric Holder and his boss Mr. Obama, who are complicit in the deaths of hundreds of innocent Mexican citizens and at least one US border patrol agent?

McKluster has yet to apologize for or distance herself from Carol She Porters homosexual slur directed at a grass roots group (neither has Carol, by the way.)

And where is sweet Annie Kuster’s disdain for how the DoJ’s voting rights division dropped the case of voter intimidation against the black panthers, garbed in paramilitary gear and waving a club at a polling place.  (Perhaps the bat-like shape affords them a special dispensation….or does she still cling to the lie that there is no voter fraud even when we can see it with our own eyes?)

And wouldn’t it be great if she explained how letting a baby die because it survived a late term abortion is not murder?

Ann Kuster is very selective about what she finds off-putting.  It’s as if anything her party or their candidates do or support, is just fine, no matter how vile, how unconstitutional, or how illegal.  Put another way, Ann Kuster has no problem with her party and its politicians raping the nation for their own extreme left wing agenda. No apologies for that either.

It’s hypocrisy.

Oh! Silly me.  She’s a Democrat.  Party before the people.  Spend first Tax later.  The Law of the people need not apply when it interferes with the left wing agenda.  And Charlie Bass has to back off from a Senator from Missouri he’s probably never met, while McKluster need not be disappointing at all that Maggie Hassan, a candidate for Governor in her own state whom I’m sure she knows, condones arbitrary acts of politically motivated violence against anyone who happens to be a Republican (man, woman, child, minority, homosexual, Christian, jew).

Welcome to the Democrat Party in New Hampshire.